10 Interesting Facts about Rummy Game we bet you didn’t know 

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10 Interesting Facts about Rummy Game we bet you didn't know 

Rummy is one of the most popular card games of all time. Ever since the emergence of online rummy, the popularity of the game has skyrocketed. The ease of availability and rewarding features are some of the highlights of online rummy game. More and more people are switching to the interesting online version of rummy to entertain themselves and to win real cash using their skills. As we are talking about the popularity of rummy, do you know that there are still some facts about rummy that people are unaware of? 

Here’s a trending list of 10 interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about rummy game:

The Origin of Rummy

There are various theories about the origin of rummy but none of them have been confirmed yet. The history of rummy still remains unknown and is guarded by various old age philosophies. Some say, that the game was found around 19th Century in Spain from a similar version of a card game played there, popularly known as Conquian. It is also believed that Conquian is the father of all popular versions of rummy card games. While others are of  the opinion that rummy was derived from popular card games like Bridge & Pinochle.

Variations of Rummy

Did you know that there are 20 rummy variants played across the world? Rummy is a dynamic game and every variant of rummy offers its own unique level of thrill. 13 Cards Rummy game is the most popular version of online rummy. Some of the other popular rummy variations are Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy. At Adda52Rummy you can enjoy all variations of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy. Try now!


Playing online rummy for cash is absolutely Legal. Rummy is a game of skills. Playing rummy with real money is not betting as the outcome of the game depends upon the players’ skills and strategies which further makes online rummy more interesting and challenging.

Better Cognitive Skills

It is said that people who play online rummy games regularly have  a better eye and hand coordination. The skills developed with rummy games enhance your thinking abilities and sharpen your mind.

Analyzing Skills

Not only rummy helps in developing cognitive skills, it also makes a person smarter when it comes to analyzing people and reading their body language. Such skills prove to be very useful in real life situations.

Social Bonding

People play rummy at home with families and friends on special occasions which improves family bonding. It also helps in a healthy flow of communication and exchange of ideas among your  social group. Therefore, it encourages social bonding and offers a sense of belonging.

Source of Income

Yes, it is true that many people are considering rummy as a great source of extra earnings. You can play with your skills and grab huge opportunities to win cash rewards. Since earning money with rummy is totally safe, more and more people play and win daily cash prizes.

Highest Score

There is a record of the victory by the highest margin of 500 points. Till now, this record stays unbeaten and no one has been able to break that.

Deck of Cards

In earlier times, not everyone could afford a deck of playing cards unlike today as they were exclusively hand-painted and very expensive. Only the royal families could afford a deck of cards so rummy was considered as a game of royalty. 

Family Game

Many Indian families still celebrate the culture of playing rummy game with friends and relatives on special occasions. They host special rummy parties at home and invite their close ones for enjoyable rummy sessions. The tradition of playing cards with families is an age old tradition in India.

Rummy is a dynamic game and it gets more interesting when you play against some seasoned rummy players at online rummy platforms. The more you play rummy, better will be your knowledge about the game. Many online rummy platforms are providing a strong base to avid rummy players and Adda52Rummy is regarded as the most rewarding rummy platform. Here you can play rummy game for free and for cash, also get a 130% Welcome Bonus upto Rs.6000 on 1st deposit.


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