21 Card Rummy Online: Learn How to Master This Skillful Game

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21 Card Rummy Online: Learn How to Master This Skillful Game

Let’s just agree that thinking-out-of-the-box is not a requirement but rather a necessity when you play rummy. Especially for cash games, you need to have the utmost efficiency in the game. And to achieve that, you require in-depth knowledge about each variant of rummy and its rules.

Like when it comes to the marriage card game, it is extremely fascinating to play the match. However, to master it, you need to know how the points are calculated in the game. 

Before you understand the point system, there are a few things that you should keep in mind about the marriage card game. 

  • Value Cards

These cards are used in addition to ‘Jokers’ in the game (jokers can replace any other cards in sequences or sets).

Situation: 4 of spades is selected as the wild Joker. 

Then, this card will be the Sterling Joker in the marriage card game. 5 of spades will be the Upplu Joker if 4 is the sterling joker. 3 of spades will be the Taplu Joker.

Important to Note: When a printed Joker gets selected as the Wild Joker, then the ace of spades will become the sterling joker. Subsequently, K and 2 of spades will then become the lower and upplu, respectively.

  • Marriage Card Game Concepts

Tanala and Dublee are the two concepts that make the marriage card game extremely interesting. 

Situation: You have three 6 of hearts and that too of the same suit and rank. This arrangement is a tanala.

Situation: You get 5 of clubs of the same rank and suit. It will be a dublee.

Important to Note: To form both tanala and dublee, you cannot use the Joker. But three and two printed jokers can be grouped together to form a valid tanala and dublee.

  • Objective of Marriage Card Game

You can declare a winning hand with any of the following: 3 pure sequences and others in valid sets and groups, 8 jokers need to be in one group, 8 dublees should be there in eight separate groups. Make sure that you have 3 tanala in three different groups and two sets of marriage cards.

After you are clear on these basics, it’s time to learn how to master this skillful marriage card game.

Understand the Point Calculation Method

Before playing the marriage card game, you should note that the calculation of points varies between the winning and losing players. 

Winning player: In an event where you win the game after making a valid declaration, you will win points from the losing players. In other words, you will get points equal to the sum of the points lost by all the losing players. 

Note that the winner’s points shown on the result screen are always in the positive.

Losing players: Lost points of each player will be shown in negative numbers. For instance, a competitor loses by 40 points; the points shown will be -40.

Rules of Calculating Points in Marriage Card Game

  • Players can lose a maximum of 120 points in one game, irrespective of the total points value of their cards. Like, an opponent has a sum of 160 points. Even then, they will lose by only 120 points.
  • If you drop in your first move, you will lose by 30 points. A middle drop will cost you 70 points. An ‘invalid declaration’ will make you lose the game by 120 points.
  • In the event where you may lose even before making your first move, you will lose by points equal to half the cards’ value in your hand. Like, the sum total of points in your hand is 40, you will lose by 20 points.
  • Besides replacing any card to form sequences and sets, value cards have a special role to play. Non-dropped players get a positive score if they have value cards in their hands. But they also get a negative score if the other non-dropped players have value cards in their hands. So, hope and pray that the other players make a drop!

What is A ‘Marriage Hand’?

In case the ace is the sterling joker, it combined with the upplu joker and taplu joker card of the same suit forms a marriage hand. However, note that no other sequence forms a marriage hand. 

Now that you know the rules of calculating the points in a marriage card rummy, you can skillfully formulate your strategy to win. Our gaming portal provides a secure platform with a malpractice free gaming experience so that you get to play fair games. Join a table today and stand a chance to win heaps of cash!

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