5 Instances to know when you should drop cards in online rummy

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5 Instances to know when you should drop cards in online rummy

If you look at it, rummy essentially revolves around drawing, melding, discarding, and dropping cards. And it is this linear string of action that makes rummy what it is. While neophytes might find it tricky to pick a card to discard, ace rummy players know better. With enough practice and assiduity, even the beginners tend to get the hang of it. There are times of regret smack after dropping a card with a thousand thoughts crowding your better judgement but then nothing is what it really seems in rummy, is it?

The game is undoubtedly unpredictable and there is never a singular approach to things. Online rummy is exciting and at the same time demands absolute attention and diligence. One slip and the game can slip from your hands. Even the most seasoned online rummy players go through the biggest quandaries of rummy and don’t end up making the right decision always. Because no one can. Having said that the basic rules of rummy and other tips and strategies should apprise you of when to let it go.

Here is a run-through of when to drop the cards while in your gameplay. Read on.

Low-value cards with no scope for a pure sequence

There is a tendency for players to get relaxed the moment they are dealt with low-value cards as they feel now they are in a safe zone. But did you check whether you can make a pure sequence? And do you have a Joker card? If the answer is no then you are not safe at all. And such a situation calls for a drop. A wise player would definitely look for other advantages and if there is none then it is time to let go.

Check your hand score

Always check for your hand score. If it is more than your middle drop score then it is time for you to drop. Considering a drop is always better when you are dealt a bad hand. Remember if you’re playing online rummy game with real money, always play with a good hand to reduce risks.

High-value cards with no chance for a pure sequence

Going by the primary set of online rummy rules, looking for a pure sequence as soon as you are dealt with cards is the ideal thing to do. And if you have cards with low or no such possibility along with more high-value cards then you must go for a first drop. Your chances of losing can be high with high-value cards so don’t wait and drop them immediately.

Joker with no Life

So you have Joker but no life. Are there any other wild cards? If no, then having a Joker alone won’t save your day. It’s better to drop and move on than to linger on and risk it. Remember a pure sequence is crucial in rummy. If you can’t see yourself making a pure sequence or life then a joker doesn’t add any value to your gameplay.

No Joker or other wild cards

Now, isn’t this obvious? While pure sequences are important having a Joker as one of your cards makes your position secure. Sometimes having multiple Jokers can go either way but it is advisable to drop when you have too many Jokers.

It is always better to play a safe game than to end up losing money especially if you are playing high stakes. If you don’t see a possibility of a pure sequence, and you have no Joker then it’s a good idea to opt out and simply drop the game. There is no sure-fire way of winning rummy and the only strategy to go by is to learn as you play and make the best decisions for yourself while in the gameplay. Your presence of mind and observational skills will take you a long way along with acing how to play rummy.

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