5 Interesting Ways to Test Your Rummy Online Skills

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5 Interesting Ways to Test Your Rummy Online Skills

So, you like to play rummy online? We don’t blame you! It is a thrilling and fun game that can keep anyone occupied for hours. And, it is good for your brain too because winning requires so much of strategizing, analyzing and adapting.

How good a rummy player do you think you are? Do you have what it takes to enter major tournaments and win huge cash rewards? There are a few ways you can find out. 

Play free rummy online games

Free games are a safe way to assess your rummy online skills. On Adda52Rummy, when you register, you win freeroll chips. With these chips, you can play rummy for free. Once you have mastered the rules of rummy, continue to play rummy online free games. Test yourself in different difficult scenarios and see how you can find your way out of them. 

Start playing cash rummy online

Once you are a little sure of your rummy skills, start with cash rummy games. Opt for low denomination cash games so that even if you do not win the rummy matches, you will not end up losing a lot of money. When you play for cash, you will be more determined to win. So, you will play more smartly and take fewer reckless risks. Also, rummy online cash games are a great way to test your skills.

Take a rummy quiz

Take rummy online quizzes that are intense. And, only a very thorough understanding of rummy online will help you ace these quizzes. So, you will know how prepared you are to play major rummy tournaments going by your quiz score.

What do you do when you don’t have a joker?

Situations will not always be in your favour while playing rummy online. Jokers are a lifesaver in rummy because they can take the place of any missing card while forming sequences and sets (except pure sequences). But, what if you have been dealt a hand where there are no jokers? How will you create all the required sequences and sets without this vital card? If you are able to win a rummy game without jokers, then it is the best test of your rummy online skills.

What do you do when you have far too many high value cards?

Another situation to test your rummy skills is when you have been dealt too many high value cards such as Ace, Jack, Queen and King. When you play rummy online, you might come across this situation. How will you smartly discard the high value cards? Or, how will you arrange your high value cards with other cards and form valid sequences and sets? Will you discard them right away in the first few turns? Or, will you hold on to them during the first few turns when others discard their high value cards that cannot be arranged into sequences and sets? Because you can just draw their discarded cards and form your valid sequences and sets.

So, there are many ways and scenarios where you can analyse your rummy skills. You will make mistakes, but that is a blessing because you will learn where you went wrong and improve your skill set.  Learn all necessary rules of different versions of rummy online games such as 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy on Adda52Rummy and participate in as many cash games and tournaments as you like.

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