5 Unusual ways to celebrate Women’s Day 

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5 Unusual ways to celebrate Women’s Day

Sure, one day is not enough to celebrate women, we need to be celebrated every hour of our living lives and beyond. The feminists, pro-feminists or other social activists coming out on the streets on the very day to recognize us women and what we do is not enough. What’s needed is a constant reminder to ourselves and a message to the world that we are special, beautiful and strong irrespective of who we are and what we do. A homemaker is no less than a working woman, a big girl is as attractive as a skinny one and a dress doesn’t define the character of the wearer. The day, for anything is a mere yardstick to measure the stereotypes shunned, new grounds broken and freedom attained. The only thing that matters is the collective contribution of women to the world and the opportunities they received to grow. If you’re of the same opinion and believe in the International Women’s Day theme for 2020 #EachforEqual then read on as we list out offbeat ways to indulge yourself this Women’s Day.

Unwind with online rummy5 Unusual ways to celebrate Women’s Day

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Work on your personal brand 

Sign up for a personal brand workshop and discover your true potential. Learn your core strengths and work upon them to build something you only dreamed of. Explore ways on how to channel your inherent skills into something that can help others such as being an influencer or a self-published author or fight for social causes. Your 9 to 6 job doesn’t define who you are and shouldn’t restrict you to live a certain life. The workshop can answer the questions you never knew existed before. It will show you what your real self is, what makes you happy and what is it that you want to be known for. Set goals, achieve more and discover a new you. 

Volunteer at a local NGO

Spend the day at an organization working for underprivileged women. It’s an experience you’ll remember and as they say making someone happy makes you happier. It is one of the most humbling encounters you’ll ever have, offer a patient ear to the women, listen to their stories, be a part of their life even if it is just for a day. Not only it will distract you from your own life issues but also give you a  different perspective towards life. After all, life is about hope and together we can rise up out of our difficulties. Also, a day at an NGO can also help you be a better leader and maybe enhance your team skills. 

Read books by women 

Even if you don’t have that feminist streak, you can still dedicate the entire day lapping up books written by female writers. Pick up a book of your choice be it a classic, contemporary, fiction, an autobiography or even a chick lit. Better if you make a selection of authors belonging to different eras and genres. Get a peek into the world woven by these inspiring women and believe it or not, a woman reading a woman is another level experience. You would suddenly feel more connected to the writings as if you’re reading your own thoughts penned down by someone else. 

Go for a solo trip 

For all we know you might already have traveled solo or are an avid solo traveler. In any case you know how exhilarating the experience is. And if you haven’t then now is the time to book yourself a solo trip and explore the destination you always wanted to visit. Hit the road all by yourself and see how it brings out a different version of you. It is challenging and exciting at the same time and will definitely teach you how to tackle situations and be more resourceful. Besides meeting new people and adapting to a different culture evolves you as a person. 

Go ahead, explore more and live new experiences. Above all, don’t forget to be the woman you always wanted to be. 

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