5 stages to becoming a Rummy Champion

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5 stages to becoming a Rummy Champion

We all know that rummy is a game of skill and, success in the game is determined by the right moves at the right time. The journey of rummy games from the physical tables to the virtual space has been incredible and a blessing in disguise for all the rummy enthusiasts as now they can play rummy online anytime and anywhere. With the insanely growing popularity of online rummy games throughout India, rummy has a lot going for it. According to a 2016 FICCI KPMG report, around 20,000-30,000 people are playing rummy in India at any given time. Therefore, the competition is real. 

For those who love to play rummy, it is quite understood that they would want to play it with perfection. Well, there’s no secret recipe to becoming a Rummy Champion. It’s not a Herculean task but it’s definitely not a cakewalk too! Here are the 5 stages to becoming a Rummy Champion:

Know your game well

One needs to acquire in-depth knowledge about the game before playing rummy. It is necessary to get your facts straight before you start the game. You can read about the nature of the game because it is very essential to play rummy with the right kind of mindset as it involves mental abilities and skills. Seeing a demo on the game or video tutorials would be of great help as it enhances the visual understanding of the game and is easy to remember. Reading some blogs on rummy will update your knowledge bank with the latest rummy game variants, styles, and trends. This will boost up your confidence in the game and you will become proficient in handling the best and the worst hand with ease.

Practice more 

A true champion isn’t born but trained to become one. Being well-rehearsed with rummy rules, tips and tricks are of no use unless you practice playing the game. Regular practice sessions are required for skill development and planning the winning strategies. When you practice, you need to be careful of your mistakes and make note of them. This will help you to plan better moves in your next game of rummy. Work on your weaknesses and within no time you will play like a rummy champion! 

Practice helps you gain control over your thoughts and emotions. Such thoughts and sentiments often affect your mental skills and push you to make poor decisions during the game. Consistent practice will build your confidence and improve your overall performance. You may download the Adda52 Rummy app to practice online rummy anytime and for more efficient accessibility. Always remember, knowledge is of no use unless it’s put to use.

Polish your skills

The set of skills required in rummy is the same for one and all. But it is how well you use these skills in the game which prompts your success. One also needs to continuously monitor and assess these skills in order to defeat the competitor. The set of mental skills required for rummy are determination, focus, confidence, patience, and mindfulness. But your opponents may also possess the same set of skills. It is how well you can conduct your game by polishing your skills with every game you play and getting better every time. You may need to work on your skills every now and then in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

Get the Strategy right

Along with the set of mental skills, it is how well you strategise your moves that spells your victory. Plan your strategies well in advance but also keep the scope of modification during the game. Since the game of rummy is unpredictable and you may never know what kind of hand you may receive, therefore it is always better to keep a back-up plan. If you will only concentrate on picking up more cards from an open or discarded deck, and not shuffling your cards to reform sets and sequences, you will not win the game. Just because you have already formed a pure sequence doesn’t mean you cannot move or re-group the cards all over again. Being vigilant and flexible of your moves and making your sets as you go forward in the game, is the success mantra to play and win like a true champion.

Know your opponents

In rummy card games, understanding the psychology of your opponents helps you to figure out their shortcomings and further take advantage of that in the game. It is one skill that comes with practice and observation. In order to implement your strategies successfully, you first need to make note of your opponents’ moves. Try to decode their moves by observing the cards your opponents are discarding. The art of staying calm and composed when your opponent is trying to trick you or deprecate your moves is what makes you a true champion. 

Champions are made, not born. It is a long journey of practice, determination, and patience. For all the aspiring rummy enthusiasts, it is essential to embrace your journey and keep practising with a strong willpower to be able to understand the true meaning of success.

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