6 Habits that are ruining your productivity

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6 Habits that are ruining your productivity

Our modern lifestyle has got us too many irons in the fire, making us always stay productive! Maintaining productivity these days is one of the toughest things because distractions are just a click away. People often name these distractions as entertainment, fun, relaxation, and what not, sabotaging their productivity without even realizing it. Overcoming these distractions and psyching up for long work hours is truly an exhausting process. This shouldn’t be this way, as it takes a little awareness and change in habits to make things work for you. People should discover their day to day habits that ruin their productivity and substitute them with good habits to bring out their best versions.

In this blog, we are decoding the top 6 habits that are ruining your productivity along with the best practices that you should incorporate in your day to day life to keep productivity game on point:

Habit No. 1: Taking too much time in a small task 

Putting in more hours in one task doesn’t mean better results. If you have been doing this, you are surely not making the best use of time. If you are good at something, there is no point in investing all your time to complete it. Sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and move onto something else to stay efficient and productive. If you can’t complete your work on time due to an emergency, don’t harp on the situation. Get yourself refocused. Jotting down your tasks can help you to streamline work and give you clarity on each task. Pick up from where you last left and finish your work. You can also apply some strategies like finishing pending tasks first before moving on to the new ones.

Habit No.2: Spending too much time in planning

Are you one of those who spend hours in editing and revising the excels, PPTs, or work plans? Is the quest for a ‘perfect plan’ hampering your productivity? If yes, then it’s time to stop! What is more important than having a good plan is implementing the same. A modified slogan to stay productive is – action speaks louder than words and plans. Put your work aside and start taking action for the things that you have meticulously planned. Taking actions at the right time will help you finish your agendas and keep your work on track. In case there are some unforeseen changes, you will have adequate time in hand to do the same.

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Habit No.3: Wasting time on unproductive entertainment

The rise of social media platforms has made it common to get distracted easily. You want to take a 10-minute break from your work and spend some time on social media. You promise yourself that after a few minutes you will be back to your work. But 10 minutes turn into half an hour, which turns into a couple of hours, making your entire day unproductive. This is where people lose track of time and exhaust themselves in something that is not adding any value to their lives. Instead of this, try to indulge yourself in skill-based online games like rummy. It has been observed that online gaming improves visual attention and concentration, allowing people to focus on important information and suppress irrelevant data. Therefore, you can take some time off to play games like rummy online and recalibrate your mind. You will have a lot of fun and also stand a chance to win big cash prizes.

Habit No.4: Sitting at a work desk for hours

Though it is vital to stay focused and maintain your flow while working, it

is equally important to take regular breaks from work to relax your mind. While working, always ask yourself when was the last time you took a break? Taking restroom breaks or endlessly scrolling through content on social media apps doesn’t count! It is crucial to take non-work breaks to catch up with your impulses. Leave your workstation for some time, go for a brisk walk and do some light stretches. As discussed in the above point, you can play skill-based rummy games on your phone to refresh your mind and body.

Habit No.5: Working in Unproductive Environments

We all know that there are certain places or instances where we struggle to maintain productivity. For example – working with the television on your background or video calling your friends while working. The biggest mistake is people think that they can keep themselves entertained and productive at the same time. The ground reality is – any sort of noise or visual distraction in the background limits your productivity. It is important to turn off all the distractions, find a quiet place, and work without any disturbances. Once you are done, you can go hang out with friends or continue watching your show on television.

Habit No.6: Checking Phone Constantly

The fear of missing out on important emails or updates makes us check our phone every two minutes. Several findings say that checking phones too often is linked to higher levels of stress and a lack of productivity. Though it is important to stay updated, it should not distract you from your work. Turn off email alerts and other notifications. You can also log out of email programs or your social media handles while working on an important project. Limit checking your phone to focus on getting things done appropriately.

Now you know the top bad habits that impact your productivity, it’s time to rectify the same and bring in the positive change. Let us know which habit you want to leave behind and enhance your productivity.

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