6 Thumb rules to make you win rummy online game

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6 Thumb rules to make you win rummy online game

Sportsmen compete in games to win and that is the ultimate goal. No sportsperson wants to lose a game. All players battle out to win as they can take home the cake and honors too. Online rummy is no different and it is more important as the winner gets good stake money also.

The game is like a war and you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents as you need to plan your strategies to win the game.

Follow Thumb Rules To Win Rummy Online

1. Evaluate cards

There are always simple yet crucial steps to be followed. They can be called thumb rules of the card game to safeguard your interests. First and foremost point is that you need to evaluate your cards and use them to your advantage. 

You need to observe as to what the opponents are doing. In online rummy, most players indulge in keeping an eye on their rivals on the table. More so on adda52 rummy where the competition is intense and the players are very smart. 

2. Understand better

6 Thumb rules to make you win rummy online gamePractice makes a man perfect goes the adage. It is no different for online rummy. You understand the game better and master the skills by playing more games. To begin with melding a pure run is important. After getting it right, you can focus on other things. 

Keen observation will help you to assess what your opponents are planning. Most importantly, observe what other players are discarding or picking as they will give you a good idea about what their game strategy is. This will help in discarding or retaining the right card.

3. Reduce your points

Be a smart player and discard cards carrying higher points. First discard your high point cards like photo cards quickly. While sorting, you will know which ones will be difficult to meld. Be wise and throw them first. Throwing such cards to the discard pile will reduce your total points in hand. Even if your opponent makes a show first, your deadwood points would have reduced. 

Always remember that a run can have more than 3 cards. Sadly, many rummy players would not know.

4. Pick smart cards

Always be on the look out for smart cards and pick them. Cards like 7 can be easily melded into a run. It can be put together with 5 and 6 of the same suit and can also work with 8 and 9 of the same suit. 

It is not advisable to endlessly wait for a particular card to meld a run. As the game progresses, you need to reassess the situation and make necessary changes in your game. Also, do not hold the card for too long. Try to discard cards that are not being used.

5. Value of jokers

You need to remember that jokers are very crucial in the rummy game. You need to make best use of jokers. Use of joker card to complete a run or set of higher points value. Also, avoid using joker in a natural run. The total number of joker cards will depend on the number of decks. In one deck, you will have 5 jokers– 4 wildcard jokers plus one picture joker. One of the joker cards is not available as it is under the deck.

6. Negative tactics

Discarding a joker can be suicidal like chasing a wide ball in cricket and edging it to a wicketkeeper as it is the best friend in the card game. It is easy to spot a photo joker card as it is visually different from all other cards. The players should be careful with the wildcard jokers as they will change from one deal to another.

Some negative tactics also can help you win the game. You should mislead your opponents while taking cards from open pile of sequence. For example, you can throw one card if you have two of them which form a sequence. Follow the baiting and fishing technique of confusing the opponents to get the desired cards for the sequence. It is very much legal and it is one of the strategies of a good player

So now when you are familiar with the thumb rules, play rummy in a secure and exciting platform like adda52 rummy and win cash

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