Your 7-step post Holi survival guide

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Your 7-step post Holi survival guide

So, you’ve had your share of fun. Painted every face in sundry hues and got smeared in every possible colour in return. Binged on those fried, sugar-laden delicacies. Had a blast with loved ones, took enough Insta-worthy shots, danced your heart out. Whew! Now is the time to put your feet up. Time to soak in the calm after the boisterous Holi celebrations. Time to enjoy the lull at the lawns dappled with a rainbow of colours when all the noise and a bunch of unrecognisable faces disappear. Yes, that quiet that we all are familiar with. That soothing still of the afternoon when everyone unwinds at home or in some cases are gearing up for evening revelries. Whatever the case, how do you want to relax this year? Here we give you seven ways to unwind after an unrestrained Holi session.

Play rummy online 

One of the easiest ways to relax after the rip-roaring fun is to sit back and play online rummy. Just pull out your phone and start to unwind. Spend the evening by playing Welcome2020 from 8 pm to 1 am on adda52rummy and win from Rs 10 lakh. Do away with the post-festive fatigue in an equally exciting yet laid-back manner. What’s more? Continue to bask in the festive glory by playing the Ugadi Satellite every night at 8 pm. Indian rummy has been a part of the festivities for long and now with digitisation of games, it’s all the more swift and entertaining. Ask your family to join the rummy website and play with them online. Who needs a deck of cards now? Besides anything that requires focus and strategy is an excellent way to beat stress. Moreover, this amazing pastime comes with rewards. Play rummy online with real money and earn.

Do a detox at home 

We know this one is cliche but after festive food comes festive detox. It’s healthy. It’s important. Scrubbing your skin clean is not enough. Getting rid of the last remaining taints of riot of colours that you enjoyed is not enough. A holistic cleansing is what’s needed to feel refreshed and ready for the summers to come. Have your dose of nutrient-rich cold pressed juices and flush out that toxin overload. 

Watch a movie with family 

Turn on your favourite family movie and grab a bowl of popcorn and sit for a movie marathon. Now that’s some worthy family time. Have your pick of classics, comedies, fantasy, animation or more. Pick something that’s enjoyed by everyone from the little ones to the elderly. Sure, deciding on the movie which everyone likes is a little tricky but heck, every family settles on something after much bickering. 

Read a book alone 

Flipping through pages, chapters after chapters is an immersive experience that lets you out from the state of tiredness and helps in distressing. What’s more? Reading for pleasure also helps reduce the muscle tension and works better than most other relaxation methods. Pick anything that piques your interest and lose yourself in a fantasy land. Flipping through pages of a book is better than scrolling through your Instagram feed. 

Go for a solo drive 

Of course, we know how driving through the regular rush hour traffic can be maddening at times. But hit the road post-Holi when the paths are mostly clear and apt for a long drive alone. Crank up your favourite music and escape from the festive craze away from the bustle and people. It is one of the most amazing cure-all techniques that always works. 

Cook a light yet delish meal 

Cooking for pleasure is a great therapy and a major stress buster. And preparing a meal for your family on festive occasions adds to the celebratory cheer. And no, we are not asking you to cook up a storm either. Be creative and come up with something innovative showing off your culinary skills to your friends and family. 

Chatter away with family 

Me time is good, but hey, it’s not every day that you’ll get to share the roof with your family, sometimes extended family. Why not just sit and enjoy their quirks instead? Share a laugh with that nosey aunt or that motormouth uncle? Festive season calls for moments with family and better make the most of it. 

Relaxation is as individual as it gets. What works for one, might not work for another. But playing rummy is something that is enjoyed by almost everyone. Try it out today.

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