Amazing Journey of Rekha, 1st Runner Up of Player of the Year 2017

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Amazing Journey of Rekha, 1st runner up of Player of the year 2017

Rekha, an avid card gamer, housewife and ‘1st runner-up of Player of the Year 2017’ award gets honest about the card game, playing on Adda52 Rummy and why she plays the game with such fervor. Our team talks to her:

So you are Player of the Year for India’s one of the biggest brand, one of the biggest online rummy websites,  Adda52 Rummy, what has it been like?

“Being a homemaker, I would look up online games only for entertainment initially. But one day, I chanced upon Adda52 Rummy and couldn’t resist the site or the game. I quite like playing online rummy and other card games and have a good time. Since the husband and kids aren’t around during afternoons, I have a good chunk of time to study the games and practice online.”

For 5 years Rekha played on, internalizing the nuances of the game and finally won the “1st runner-up of POY 2017”. When asked how she feels, she answers in all practicality, something any Indian would say perhaps, “I will use this money for sponsoring my children’s education and to help my husband with the taxes. My husband works in a bank, but in spite of that ever increasing daily needs cannot be ignored. Am glad that am able to contribute this way to give my children a better future! With these winnings I have moved on from being just a random homemaker to a financially contributing member of the family and that makes me  feel empowered!!”

The journey of five years to winning a title has not been bereft of challenges for Rekha. In her words, “I played for five years yes. Initially, it was only entertainment, an interesting pastime to occupy idle hours. But gradually as I picked up at the strategy, the urge to compete for the attractive prize pools grew. I was zooming forth on the site when they changed the offers and the site’s functionality a couple of months ago. This made me sad but I still hang on as I understand the new ropes. But time is lost, you know, and I could be missing out on opportunities!”

In spite of the challenges, Rekha still wants to forge ahead with the game she loves and the site she is devoted to. “Adda52 Rummy is the best site for online card games! I am a homemaker but am earning money online thanks to the site, the timely payment, plans, customer service, and awesome response. In fact I participate in all of the challenges and tournaments as I don’t want to pass up any opportunity to win. I even encourage family and friends to try the opportunities at the site.

And am certainly waiting for more tournaments, huge tournaments, big prize money tournaments so that I can get a chance to win again. And yes, am most certainly waiting for the Rummy Challenge 2018. Winning is good and that is what I am aiming for.”

When asked what more she expects this year, given that she has had a thrilling start at 2018, she avers, “2018 deposit is awesome and so is the instant bonus! I need a chance in the bigger games all the days of the week and need more chances to play on site. I want to leverage my experience and skill at the game and make it big. And I suggest all others also try it. It’s not often that a normal person like me gets an opportunity like this. I can only thank Adda52 Rummy for this!!”  

Well, as Rekha rightly said, not everyone gets opportunities like this unless they are on Adda52 Rummy. We congratulate Rekha once again for being our ‘Runner-up for Player of the Year 2017’ and wish her more accolades in coming years. She sure seems like she will give tough competition to opponent’s and will keep winning!

For more news on such tournaments, winners and exciting prizes, stay tuned to Adda52 Rummy! We will update you with crazy rummy fans and their achievements and keep inspiring you. Wish you a challenge driven, exciting and cash rich 2018!!

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