Beginners Special: Win 13 Card Rummy Game With These 6 Master Tricks

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One of the most-loved games worldwide, rummy, is every other person’s favorite game in the country. Once you enter the rummy world, there is no going back. Believe us!

This thrilling game is well-known and played by people of all ages. Especially the 13 card rummy game. Play this game with friends and relieve yourself from boredom at our gaming portal, Adda52Rummy. 

Do not worry if you are just a beginner and new to this game. With these tricks that follow the rummy rules of 13 card game, you will master it in no time:


  • Focus on Pure Sequences


One of the rummy rules of 13 card game is that your hand must contain at least two sequences. If joker cards are in play, then at least one of those should be a natural or pure sequence. A pure sequence is one that has no joker or wild card. Out of the sequences, it is necessary that one of them is a pure sequence for you to win the game.

In every game, the focus is always on winning. But in rummy, losing also plays a vital role in determining your win. Either you lose with high points or lose with a lesser margin. Making sequences ensures that even if you lose the game, you lose with fewer points. Especially when you are playing a cash game, you should try to minimize your losses with fewer points.


  • Understand What Makes a Sequence


Being a beginner to the game, you might be under the impression that only three cards make a sequence, and four cards make a set. But sequences can be of three or more cards as well. You can take a joker card with three cards and form a sequence. Like 4-5-6-Joker. So, make a pure and another sequence in your next hand to win big!


  • Do Not Underestimate the Power of Joker


Like the saying in rummy goes, do not underestimate the power of zero in rummy; it is the same for the joker card. If you get dealt with a joker card, use it at the right time of the game and play strategically. Use it only when it will help you. There is no card as powerful as the joker in the 13 card rummy game.


  • Discard Cards Carrying High Points


High-value cards like jack, queen, king, and ace should be discarded as soon as possible. One of the most vital rummy rules of 13 card rummy. You may ask if this should always be followed. The answer is no. 

Instead, it depends on the other cards in your hand. Think logically before you discard any card. Be it low point or high point cards. Discarding cards carrying high value will ensure that you lose it with a much lesser margin even if you lose the game. Make use of the joker in such scenarios. Use it and create a sequence with the high-value cards and minimize your overall points.


  • All Eyes on Discards 


Keep a close watch on what cards your opponents are throwing away at all times. If you do this, you can figure out the cards your opponents have. Determine the sets and runs they are trying to make. So, you can strategize well and not discard cards that are required by the other players. 

For instance, in a situation, your opponent’s discard card is K of hearts. You can assume that they do not want to make a sequence with ace or queen of hearts. So, get rid of these cards if you have them and check if they pick them from the open deck or not. Then, repeat this for other combinations in subsequent chances until you declare.


  • Bluffing


When you play rummy, use bluffing- a classic method to win. Simply, bluff in a way that you have a better hand than the other players. But to master this trick, you need to be brilliant at learning your opponent’s discards and picks. Only then can you picture the cards they are holding. Also, know when the ideal time to bluff is. 

One easy way to do this is by noting your opponents’ moves. Check if he is picking too many cards from the discard pile or check if their discard cards are random. 

When your opponent is not picking too many cards, then they might be holding a good combination of cards. So, it is now that you need to bluff, and a convenient way to do so is by choosing cards from the discard pile for 3 to 4 moves. This move will make your opponents think that you are getting closer to a win. In fear of losing by a significant margin, your opponent will fold cards immediately.

Master 13 Card Rummy to Win Big

With these tricks up your sleeves, you have a sure shot chance of acing your next rummy game. Choose gaming portals like ours to play your first game! At Adda52Rummy, we offer irresistible welcome offers and even provide free games and tournaments. Practice some more if you want and if you are confident about your rummy skills after knowing these tricks, play a real cash game! 

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