Binge Watch or Play Rummy: Which is A Better Option?

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Binge Watch or Play Rummy: Which is A Better Option?

The ‘new norm’ implies more than wearing masks, sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing. There is another trend that has spread like wildfire since last year. You know what we are talking about, because you may be doing it yourself! Hint – it involves you curling up on a couch or your bed with your phone. We are talking about binge-watching!

Watching one series after another has been prevalent for many years now especially since online streaming became affordable to the masses. But, ever since the pandemic came into our lives, binge-watching in our spare time has become an integral part of our lifestyle.

But, what if there is another alternative to binge-watching that is just as much fun but way more beneficial? Presenting online rummy – a card game that can show the door to binge-watching and help you in more ways than one. Let us look into why learning the rules on how to play rummy is a better way to spend your time than mindlessly watching series after series on your favourite online streaming network.

Learning the rules on how to play rummy will help you make money

We are bringing out the big gun first. When you learn the rules on how to play rummy online, then you will get the chance to enter rummy tournaments and play daily cash rummy games. Winning a rummy tournament can add lakhs of rupees to your bank account. You can win significant amounts of money when you play cash rummy regularly. So, tell us, why would you pick binge-watching over learning the rules on how to play rummy? Has binge-watching ever made anyone richer?

Mastering the rules on how to play rummy can help you develop and hone certain skills

We all want to improve ourselves, right? And, learning the rules on how to play rummy will take you far on the path of self-improvement.

When you learn how to play a rummy game and start practising, you become a more patient person who realizes that giving up is not an option, no matter how many times you lose.

Once you’ve memorized the rules on how to play rummy and play rummy games frequently, you will learn to become adaptive. Why? Because you can’t go into a rummy game with a fixed strategy. Difficult situations will arise and you will have to analyse the risk and regroup and re-strategize.  You will become a more competent decision maker and more confident in your ability to handle challenges if you learn how to play rummy cards games.

And, let’s be honest, binge-watching really can’t teach you vital life skills.

You will be a more sociable person

Binge-watching and staying cooped up in our rooms can create a gulf between you and your loved ones. Even when you are out with your friends or attending a family event, you will be desperate to return home and watch the last few episodes of a series.

But, after you learn the rules of how to play rummy game, you and your friends can participate in rummy games together. You can meet new people on rummy platforms. Through your interaction with them and while playing rummy games with them, you will learn more about the rules on how to play rummy and new strategies. And, who knows, you may even make a friend for life!

You can do all this when you download the Adda52Rummy app! Play rummy as much as you like and stand the chance to win lucrative cash rewards. Be welcomed by a warm and friendly rummy community and brush up on your rummy skills or learn the rules on how to play rummy online.

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