Call of Duty, Rummy, Solitaire, Scrabble and Monopoly – Why are these popular?

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Call of Duty, Rummy, Solitaire, Scrabble and Monopoly - Why are these popular?

The online gaming industry attracts a diverse audience with varied interests. The ongoing innovations in the tech world have boosted the online gaming experience to a vast horizon. Today, everyone will have one or more gaming apps downloaded in their smartphones to keep themselves entertained anytime, anywhere. Whether it is card games like online rummy or action games like Call of Duty, more and more players from around the world are getting hooked on online gaming. But have you ever wondered, why certain games like Call of Duty, Rummy, Solitaire, Scrabble and Monopoly are more popular than the others in the list? Let’s look at the reasons behind the increasing popularity of these online games:

Call of Duty

Video games have come to the aid of the players stuck at home with limited options of entertainment. One such innovation made in Activision’s Call of Duty is the release of free-to-play royale battle extension Call of Duty – Warzone which has reached 60 million players till date. Call of duty games are fun to play and provide a great source of entertainment. You can play these games online with your friends which eliminates the feeling of loneliness. Activision is taking measures to increase user engagement for its big-budget titles by offering free content for multiplayer levels to boost in-game purchases. The exciting features and rewards of the gameplay are the reason behind the tremendous popularity of Call of Duty. Not only this, in a world full of overwhelming information and stimuli it feels great to play a game where you can lead the controls. As a matter of fact, Activision’s Call of Duty is the best selling game of 2020 according to the data collected from the research firm NPD.


Card games like rummy have ruled the social conventions in every household of India for a long time. While the offline version of rummy is still prevalent in many households, the online rummy games have ignited a spark which has boosted the online gaming industry. 

With over 50 million players worldwide, online rummy games are full of fun and entertainment along with the chance of winning huge cash prizes and amazing rewards. As each day is passing, more and more online rummy players are flocking the internet to enjoy some relaxing sessions of online rummy card games. The element of earning real cash is another attractive feature of online rummy cash games. Other than the monetary and social benefits, there is evidence that online rummy releases dopamine, improves problem-solving and creative capabilities and is a great stress buster. You can play online rummy with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. Download the Rummy App now to enter the magnificent world of online rummy.


Solitaire card game is the sixth most popular card game with a huge fan base. Some of the attractive features of Solitaire are: easy to play, good for people of all ages, and entertaining. It is one of the rare games that can be played by a single person satisfactorily. This means that one does not have to depend on friends and family to play and the player can play the game whenever, wherever. There are a fewer complexities in the game and you can play Solitaire once you have understood the rules. It is basically the simplicity of the game that makes Solitaire so popular. 


Scrabble has been one of the oldest classic board games and everyone knows about this game, even people who are not gamers. While one of the major failings of board games is that they are too complicated to understand, the simplicity of Scrabble is the main reason behind the popularity of the game. Scrabble has been one of the most brilliantly engineered games as each gameplay is unique. Another attractive feature of Scrabble is its ability to spark conversations among players. Whether it is a friendly talk on deciding the prominence of the word to be formed with the available alphabets or making funny words which relate to an inside joke, it guarantees a playful conversation. So whenever you want to touch the old chords with your friends, playing Scrabble is an ideal choice.


Monopoly has been one of the most popular board games and it still has not lost its momentum among the board game players. Some of the entertaining features of Monopoly are: a certain degree of luck, the roll of the dice and a certain degree of skill. The appealing theme of the gameplay and the easy to understand rules of basic commerce attract players from all walks of life. Moreover, the inception of Monopoly came in the thirties which was a hard time for the society and a simple entertaining board game could bring some form of relief from the hardships around. These are some of the factors that built an overblown reputation for the game. The game of Monopoly is comfortable and recognisable in the world of board games for those who wish to venture into the vast space of board games exploration. 

While the traditional games have taken a back seat in the world of online gaming, some popular card games like rummy have embraced the winds of innovation and climbed at the top of the list. Online rummy games has turned out to be a successful shift in keeping the card games alive. Let’s keep the tradition alive by playing more and more online rummy games at one of the most rewarding platforms,

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