Why should you choose rummy tournaments over cash games?

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Why should you choose rummy tournaments over cash games?

In the rewarding world of online rummy, every rummy player must have faced the question of choosing between playing rummy tournaments or cash games. While some would prefer to play cash rummy games, the latter would delve deeper into the rummy ocean by playing exciting rummy tournaments based on their skill set as both have totally different formats. However, when it comes to making a better choice, rummy tournaments are your ultimate rummy battle royale pass. Let’s find out more about why choose rummy tournaments over rummy cash games:

When you win, you win big

Online Rummy tournaments usually have higher cash pools than cash rummy online games. If the odds are in your favour and you secure a position in the top 3, it will multiply your buy-in by a significant amount. In case, you enrol yourself in high stakes tournaments it is possible to win a whopping amount of money in two to five rounds. This is not possible in cash games. Moreover, playing rummy tournaments over cash games is a win-win situation as you can develop some good virtues like patience, punctuality and sincerity. Adda52Rummy.com offers a variety of fun-filled rummy tournaments daily and some exclusive rummy tournaments to keep your spirits high. 

The Element of Fame

If you are aspiring to become the next Rummy celebrity to be interviewed by the mainstream media, then rummy tournaments are the name of the game. Rummy tournaments have the added value of bringing fame with the fortune. The more rummy tournaments you play, the more polished your performance and personality will become which is the ultimate climb to the ladder of success. The glory of making millions while thousands of rummy players looking up to you admiring your gaming style will only come with tournaments. This will definitely fulfill your spirit as well as your wallet.

The Ultimate Rummy Face-off

When you play cash rummy games, you may come across players from all walks of life. However, only seasoned rummy players will have the confidence to show their skills in high stakes rummy tournaments. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy a glitch-free qualitative gameplay. Other than this, it bestows a true feeling of accomplishment when you win against top rummy players. Playing rummy tournaments is a great way to boost your confidence and enhance your gaming style. Rummy tournaments offer an out of the world experience to all rummy players offering amazing cash prizes and rewards. 

Escape the grind

When you play rummy cash games, it won’t get you from rags to riches in a single session. Since the stakes are low in rummy cash games, you may have to invest a lot of time to win a decent amount of money. Of course, some people don’t see this as a con as rummy is not just about profits, it is about the spirit of gaming. But sometimes even the most dedicated rummy players will get exhausted from the grind and monotony of cash games. Whereas in case of rummy tournaments, the thrill factor is always alive in the game as each tournament has its own style of gameplay. Moreover, you only need to play the tournament for a specific period of time and can achieve bigger winnings in quick time. This eliminates the grinding factor and you can enjoy the entertaining game of rummy at its best.

Though it matters which game format of rummy you choose to play but at the end of the day you are playing rummy, not chaining yourselves to a soulless job. So it comes down to what you enjoy and love to play. If you enjoy rummy cash games, then go play rummy cash games. If you enjoy rummy tournaments, then go play the tournaments. Your enjoyment is a huge psychological factor which you may take for granted. No one can determine your skill set and interest better than you.


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