Compare Popular Indian Rummy Variants To Find Your Favorite

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Compare Popular Indian Rummy Variants To Find Your Favorite

Today’s era is of learning multiple new card games out of which Rummy has also picked up the pace. Through this article, we shall be learning a little more about the fascinating game of Indian Rummy. The total version of this game is played with the standard deck of cards including the Joker cards. More the players, more the decks. The cards are thoroughly shuffled and 13 cards are dealt to each player in an anticlockwise direction. The undealt cards are placed face down and the single card is turned face up, which becomes the discard pile. Now let’s get to the variations of this game so that you can compare Popular Indian Rummy Variants To Find Your Favourite one.

Let us understand the Joker variations in the Indian Rummy game. There are three variations in this regard: An open Joker, A Closed Joker, and No Joker.

1st Variation – Open Joker

In an open Joker, once all thirteen cards are dealt with each player, the player right to the dealer picks a random card from the stockpile and places it faces up showing the card to everybody. This card becomes the Joker. Now the game continues.

2nd Variation – Closed Joker

In the second variation, a random card is picked from the stockpile but does not disclose to everybody. Once a player makes a pure sequence, the player side shows the cards with the player on his right and gets the right to check the Joker. No other player gets to see the Joker till they make a pure sequence on their own. The game continues.

3rd Variation – No Joker

In the third variation, No card is selected from the pile and hence just the Joker cards remain as Jokers. And the game continues. 

7 Card Rummy

The 7 card rummy is also known by the name of Rummy 3000 with a difference that only seven cards are dealt with each player to arrange them in a sequence or a set. 7 Card Rummy is played with a standard deck of 52 cards excluding jokers. The game starts with the first round as dealt where the dealer deals seven cards to each player. The deal then follows from left to right in a clockwise manner. All players have to keep their cards face down on the table till every player has got seven cards.

13 Cards Rummy

This variant is Played with 13 cards dealt to each player including the Joker cards.

21 Card Rummy or Marriage Rummy

This variant is played between 2 to 5 players using the three standard decks of 52 cards plus one Joker card for each deck. Rest the game is similar to the 13 cards where players arrange their cards into valid sequences or sets from Open and Closed Jokers.

  • Card Values

Ace and all face cards carry a value of 10. The numbered cards from 2 to 10 carry their face values while playing Indian Rummy Online. The Joker card has no Value and carries 0 points.

Compare these variants and choose the game of your choice to play Rummy on Adda52 Rummy App.

Happy Playing.

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