Did you know the Importance of Joker in Rummy Game

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Did you know the Importance of Joker in Rummy Game

Joker is the trickiest yet the most valuable card in the rummy game that helps players emerge victorious in the most unpredictable moments. It not only increases your chances of winning but also holds the power to turn a losing game into a winning one. But simply having a joker card doesn’t suffice. Joker is useful when rightly used in conjunction with other cards, but a complete waste if used without a strategy. The right strategy of using a joker determines players’ chance of winning and losing in a rummy card game.

Each deck consists of 54 cards: 52 suit cards and 2 jokers. One is “printed joker” and the other is “wild joker”. When the game begins, a card is randomly drawn from the closed deck and considered as the wild joker in the Indian rummy game. If the joker is 5 seven of hearts, then all the cards of the same rank from all suits (diamonds, spades, and clubs) would be used as wild jokers. In case a printed joker turns up as the wild joker, only then other printed jokers can be used as jokers. Players can use any type of joker card to replace any cards and form valid sequences or sets. 

Let’s understand in detail why joker is important in rummy:

  • Helps in forming valid sequences and sets: To make a valid declaration, you need to form at least two sequences out of which one should be a pure sequence. Once a pure sequence is formed (without joker), you can easily form the next sequence with a joker card. If you have a joker card, you don’t have to wait for a specific card for long as you can use the joker to form your second sequence and remaining sets too.
  • Joker cards are safe: Even if you have multiple jokers, there is no need to worry about points as joker cards do not carry any points. While playing the game, you will be in no hurry to discard joker cards as they carry zero points and do not impact your score much. You can meld your jokers with other cards until you get the right cards and concentrate on devising game strategies.
  • Discard cards to trick opponents: You will be able to confidently discard your cards which are of less significance in your gameplay. You can also plan a wise strategy of discarding the cards on each turn and trick your opponents. For example, if 7♣ is your Joker Card, then you can discard the consecutive value cards such as 6♣, 8♣, 9♣ to confuse your opponents. They will be unable to read your cards, and you will lead the game.

It is equally important to know the tips and tricks of using joker cards effectively in the game to give a tough competition to your opponents. After knowing the importance of Joker, let’s understand how we can make the best use of a joker card in online rummy game:

  • Focus on forming a pure sequence: Without a pure sequence, you won’t be able to win in rummy. Hence, it is always advised to form a pure sequence first before using joker cards. A pure sequence is consecutive ranked cards of the same suit and formed without jokers. After successfully forming a pure sequence, use your jokers to make your remaining sets and sequences. 
  • Form sets without Joker: Though joker is a very powerful card, you should not depend entirely on jokers. Instead, you should try to form your sets and sequences without a joker. If you are forming two sets, try closing one set without a Joker.
  • Discard joker wisely: You should not discard your joker till the end. Even if you have multiple jokers, you can keep them melded in groups with other cards until you get the right card. But this doesn’t mean that you keep missing the right cards just for the sake of not discarding jokers. You should know when to discard your joker and pick other valuable cards. Your opponents can’t pick your discarded joker, as it must be drawn from the closed deck.
  • Meld jokers with high-value cards: Use the joker card with high-value cards to make sequences so that the remaining cards of lower value do not impact your score. This will help in reducing your points. 

It is important to understand when to use or discard the joker cards in rummy. Do a rummy game download and start playing rummy games online to improve your skills and cherish your big winnings.

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