Evolution of Indian Rummy Games, Then and Now!

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Evolution of Indian Rummy Games, Then and Now!

Evolution of Indian rummy games is a tedious journey from gambling to the game of skill. Though playing rummy during festivals, joyous occasions and celebrations was a norm in India, most families dreaded on learning that their loved ones were into card games.

Rummy Game to Refresh

But in some parts of India, people, including women, enjoy playing rummy every day after lunch and dinner. Even now, in the hinterland, the practice exists. But a vast majority considered, till a few years ago, that rummy was gambling. Evolution of Indian Rummy Games, Then and Now!

As it was considered inappropriate to play rummy, game lovers would play their favorite rummy locking themselves inside their rooms or in some recognized clubs. Police raids were common on places where rummy was being played illegally.

Not any more. Now, the Supreme Court has declared that online rummy is a game of skill and technology has helped the lovers of the game. Now, you need not have to have a pack of cards and search for partners to play your favorite game. 

On smartphones

One can play rummy on computers sitting in an office or home. With mobile explosion and arrival of smartphones, players can just download the adda52 rummy app and start playing the game. On the site, you will always have the best players in action and you can choose the table of your choice. 

Also, people would bet only in small amounts and big stakes were not heard of. One hundred rupee would be a big amount. Even thousands were very rare and were played only by big businessmen and industrialists. Also, one had to find partners to play the game. Or one had to travel to clubs with permits to allow rummy on its premises.

Evolution of Indian Rummy Games, Then and Now!

Change of mindset

Now, there is a sea change. Evolution has been really big and it is no more considered bad to play rummy. Money has gone up by leaps and bounds. Lakhs have become the norm. Many families encourage their loved ones to play the game as returns are fantastic and it stimulates the brain. There is no addiction at all. 

The popularity of rummy games has been steadily growing and the number of visitors to adda52 rummy clearly indicates that the youngsters to old aged population love to distress themselves by playing rummy regularly. It is very easy to learn and play rummy. Also, now one can play the game by logging into adda52 rummy app with mobile phones. Rummy offers new challenges for players in every game they play. 

Superb journey

72-year-old Nanaiah, who is an avid rummy player, vividly recalls the superb journey from traditional cards to online rummy. Our elders started with traditional cards and now enjoys the game online as they have mastered the skills. “It has been a wonderful experience. Online is definitely better than physical cards. Times were different and we had to play only with cards till a decade ago. It was also fun to play rummy with friends and relatives.”

There is no certainty about the origin, evolution and history of rummy. But, it is played in most parts of the world in some format or the other. Online rummy has taken the game to the next level due to leading portals like Adda52 rummy

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