Expert Tips to play Indian Rummy in a better way

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Expert Tips to play Indian Rummy in a better way

The ultimate goal of every rummy player is to stay ahead in the game. Indian rummy is a game of skills and probabilities. If you wish to become a rummy trivia, it’s necessary to pull your ropes tight and play more rummy games online as the practical knowledge will always help you to get an edge over your opponents. Learning rummy tips and facts can make your game stronger and increase your winning chances. Here are some expert rummy tips for you to ace your Indian rummy game and thwart your opponents to become a rummy master:

Discard the friends of Joker

When you play Indian rummy games, Jokers are considered as the most valuable cards as they can complete your sets and sequences. The cards falling ahead and behind of Joker are known as Joker Friends. Players usually refrain from using joker cards to make pure sequences as these can be used to complete other sets and sequences. It is a smart trick to discard cards close to Joker to fool your opponents into not picking the cards. For example, if 7 is the Joker, you can discard 5,6 or 8. Your opponents would not like to use the Joker in forming a pure sequence, therefore, your discarded cards will be of no use to them. This is one of the classic Indian Rummy online tricks which is not known to many rummy players. 

Reverse the Indian Rummy Trick

One of the common rummy strategies is to find ways to outwit your opponents. While there are many common rummy tricks to deceive your opponents, it will not be an easy show every time. Since you may never know about the skill-factor of your opponents, playing common rummy tricks may not serve you well. You will have to come up with something more effective and clever. It is a common rummy trick to discard high-value cards in the initial moves, however if you do not discard the high-value cards during your initial moves, you can pick the high-value cards discarded by your opponents to complete your sets and sequences. This is another expert rummy trick to deceive your opponents into discarding the cards you need to win the game of rummy.

Keep an eye on the Discards

It is essential to keep a close eye on the discarded pile as this will give you a rough idea about the type of card your opponents need. When you play online rummy games, it is recommended that you watch your opponents’ moves closely to devise your strategies accordingly. For instance, if you see that your opponent has picked 3 and 4 from the discarded pile, you should not discard cards like 2, 5 or 6 which can be used to complete a sequence. You should not discard the cards that are useful for your opponents. One small mistake and you can end up losing the game of rummy. However, keeping a check on your opponents’ discards and picks will surely help you beat them with a greater margin. Avoid wrong discards to establish a lead in the game.

Calculate Probabilities

Online rummy is a game of skill but you cannot determine in advance what kind of cards you will receive which is why it is always good to calculate probabilities right from the first move. Once you receive your hand, sort your cards and try to calculate the value of your cards in hand. You can also determine if you have received a good or a bad hand based on the value of each card. 

These are rummy basics and only when you will be well-versed with the rummy tips and facts, you can calculate the probability of winning. You can even calculate the probability of cards you need in the open or closed deck. For example, if you have 2 Jokers, you can calculate the number of Jokers left in the closed deck and if the chances are less than you can modify your strategy and look for other options. You can do this for any other card as well. It will take some time for you to ace this rummy trick so you can practice this trick in free rummy practice games and once you master the trick you can play cash rummy games on our tables to win amazing cash prizes.

Use basic Mathematical Concepts

Rummy is all about applying basic mathematical concepts which can even control the factor of luck and you will be able to establish a command on the game. It is always wise to calculate your winning odds in the beginning itself by evaluating your hand and watching the cards picked and discarded by your opponents. 

In rummy games, if you are dealt with 13 cards, there may be countless possibilities of what cards could be in the closed deck. For example if you are playing rummy against a single player, you can calculate that there are a total 26 cards dealt and 26 cards are there in the closed deck with 1 card turned upside down as the cut joker. So if you have 2 Aces, you can calculate that your opponent can have a maximum of 2 Aces which is a very unlikely situation which means that the remaining Aces are there in the closed deck. Similarly, you can find ways to reduce the sum of the points each card carries in rummy.

Now that you have learned the expert rummy tricks, you can use them to upgrade your skills and become a master of the Indian rummy game!

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