Feel Challenged While Playing Rummy? Do These 8 Things

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Feel Challenged While Playing Rummy? Do These 8 Things

Rummy games are fun and challenging. But, isn’t it fun to face the challenge like a pro! There are many rummy variants that require one to use a different set of skills based on the variant you choose to play. The probability of winning the game is almost equal to your chances of losing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. However, it is human tendency to cherish the higher tides of the game and mourn the losses. But no one became a master without learning the art of dealing with their losses.

Especially when you play rummy, there are various challenges like doubting your skills compared to the skills of your opponents, playing with a tired state of mind, playing too safe, or taking too many risks. 

So, if you feel challenged while playing rummy then here are 8 things to do to overcome every rummy challenge:

Patience is the name of the game

If you are facing too many challenges while playing rummy online then your emotions of anger and resentment will be heightened. So, first of all, you need to cool down because when your mind is clouded with feelings of anger and revenge, you cannot think straight. Due to this, you may even forget the basics of the game and may cause more destruction to your stature in the game. You must have read umpteen number of times about the importance of patience, planning, and decision-making when you started playing. Therefore, patience is the key to keep your mind in a healthy state.

Live in the present moment

Sometimes we become fearful of facing our challenges in the present by constantly thinking about the mistakes made in the past. This causes anxiety issues and hampers our performance while playing rummy. Rummy is a mind game. It calls for mindfulness. So don’t think about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just analyze your game in the present to implement your strategies accordingly.

Spatial Intelligence 

It is a very important factor when you play rummy online. You need to be very careful about every single move and before making any move, examine the consequences of your action. A quick tip: it is not always about winning, sometimes it is about minimizing the destruction. So, don’t rule out the option of dropping out, as at times it could turn out to be the smartest move.

Act on your goal, instead of acting on your thoughts 

Playing rummy with a negative state of mind will lead you nowhere. It is rightly said that ‘Your thoughts become actions.’ Negative thoughts will only yield negative outcomes. If you have lost a few times in the previous games, take note of your mistakes and try to avoid making the same mistake time and again. If you approach the game with negativity it will only ignite more challenges and you will gradually quit playing altogether.

Take a break to unwind

You may sometimes have to re-analyze your strategies and moves in the games you have played earlier but don’t overthink. Your mind is already too tired from a hectic day at work or if you are playing back-to-back rummy games. When you are feeling mentally drained, you need to take a break to unwind your thoughts! Just sit back and relax, you can make yourself a drink of your choice to refresh your mind and body, go for a walk or watch something funny. Once you are back in the game, you will be in a fresh state of mind and will perform better.

Always remember the purpose

The purpose of every game is entertainment, the rest is secondary. Your perception of the game also plays a crucial role in defining the challenges. Rummy is a recreational game and the most crucial aspect is to understand that a game is meant to be taken as a game only. Don’t get too serious about it! Play rummy games online as long as you are having fun. When you play responsibly, you will reap the benefits!

Practice vigilance and concentration

If you are a beginner in rummy games, then you need to have a clear mindset and learn to accept the losses. Make sure you are well versed with the rules of rummy. Avoid playing at multiple tables as one game at a time will help you to focus better. Stay as alert as a hawk and carefully observe the cards discarded and picked up by your opponents.


This will help you to mentally revamp your tips, tricks, and strategies for playing rummy. Always stick to the basics of rummy and keep altering your strategies as the cards unfold in front of you with each turn. This will adapt you to face challenges of different nature.

The gist of the matter is that, if you are facing too many challenges while playing rummy you must give yourself a break and start afresh with a relaxed mind. It includes getting rid of all sorts of negative thoughts, being vigilant, playing one game at a time, minimizing distractions, revisiting the fundamentals of rummy, and formulating smart strategies as per the changing scenario. When you give it your all, your wins will feel well-deserved and your losses won’t hold regrets. Wish you all the best!

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