Feeling Cold and Sick These Winters? Try These 3 Upbeat Ideas

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Feeling Cold and Sick These Winters? Try These 3 Upbeat Ideas

Winters may bring respite from the dreaded Indian summers, but it is not all rainbows and butterflies. Winter is also the season of sniffles. Most of us end up catching the common cold and being bed-bound for a day or two. We don’t really feel like doing much once we have taken care of all the urgent work. When we catch the flu, and when the days and nights get really cold, we also feel lethargic and irritable.

If all this sounds familiar, then let us give you a few ideas on how to fill your winter days with excitement. Feel better and say no to irritability with these ideas which involve rummy game downloading

Learn rummy

Rummy is one of the most engrossing games you can ever play. It is just what you need to spice up the winter evenings and forget the annoyances that come with a congested nose. Rummy will keep your mind occupied for the entire day/evening.

And the best thing is that you don’t even have to leave your couch to play rummy. All you have to do is download a rummy game app. 

Downloading rummy app will open a world of opportunities and delightful ways to spend your time when you are down with a fever. Rummy downloading is very easy as your app will have detailed instructions on how to play rummy. 

Basically, you’ll be given a certain number of cards that you will have to arrange into sequences and sets. The first player to be able to do so wins the game. All the details regarding the number of cards, the type of playing cards, jokers, sequences and sets will be available in your online rummy app.

Earn cash

Another idea that will make your sick days really fruitful is playing rummy for money. Why just stop at downloading rummy app and learning how to play rummy? Free games are fine when you are a beginner. But you can take things further by playing rummy game for cash on your online rummy app

You can play daily cash games. Be a part of any rummy table on your rummy app. The pay-in decides the amount of money up for grabs. You can make a decent amount of money from the rummy app cash games every day. So it won’t be like you didn’t manage to get anything done on those days you called in sick. You’ll actually be able to add quite a sum of money, and if you have already used up your sick-leaves, your rummy app will help you compensate for the amount that is docked from your salary.

Banish the blues with some competitive spirit

Being sick and bed-bound can make us feel gloomy. But put an end to that with rummy tournaments on your rummy app. 

When you download a rummy app like Adda52Rummy, you will get the chance to enter exciting contests every month. Contests are tough. Only the best rummy players can reach the finale. Once you enter a rummy contest on your online rummy app, there’ll be no time for you to feel sorry for yourself because you are feeling so sickly. All your attention will be directed at winning!

So download the Add52Rummy app if you think you are coming down with a fever. The cold weather and the flu don’t stand a chance in dampening your spirits when you download and play rummy app

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