Which is more fun: Rummy online or Rummy offline?

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Which is more fun: Rummy online or Rummy offline?

Since ages, rummy card games are played on every occasion. Playing rummy is actually a tradition to follow in many festivals and friendly gatherings. Slowly rummy got its perception to online rummy and became one of the most popular online games of this era. Change is constant and people adapt to it. They do so as the change is for the better. Let’s see which is more fun: rummy online or rummy offline.

Offline Rummy

Offline rummy is now becoming a passé and people play it for just fun in places where connectivity is an issue. Now, only technologically disabled people, prefer to play rummy offline. Otherwise, rummy lovers have shifted to online because online sites give them unthinkable money and great rummy gaming experience.

Usually people play at clubs for money which is illegal. Get rescued from the hastles of offline rummy by opting online rummy at safe and secured websites.Which is more fun: Rummy online or Rummy offline?

Online Rummy

Rummy online is legal, it can be played anywhere, anytime. It is certainly a great fun and a lot more better as sites like adda52 rummy offers great experience, fabulous money, tough challenge and thrill to the players.

Chance to play against the best

Online rummy offers several advantages. Mainly, you can play 24×7 on adda52 rummy, which is safe, reliable and secure site. You will be playing against the best in the game as the site is very popular and attracts top talent to the table. The money it offers is fantastic and no offline rummy tournament can afford to pay such prize pool.
Also, in online rummy, speed of the player matters and the games get competitive because of the opponents are also aggressive and go all out to win the stakes. You end up competing with different players at the table as lakhs of them will be playing online all through the day and night. Your adrenalin gets charged up as the challenge is more intense in online rummy.Which is more fun: Rummy online or Rummy offline?

No scope for cheating

The problem with offline rummy is that you need to find partners and a place where all can assemble. In online rummy, all you need to do is login on your desktop/laptop/mobile/tablet from your office or home and start playing. The transactions are transparent as they are online and everything is accounted for. Even the scoring is automated and one need not worry about the cheating.

Online rummy is like an open book and there is no scope for manipulations. Software will not permit cheating and shuffling ensures that no undue favouritism is done to a particular player.

Different versions

The biggest advantage is that you need not have to look for deck of cards when you decide to play. Also, the online version allows the player to select the version of his liking and start playing the game. In offline, the player will have to first find people to play the version of his choice. The chance of earning bonus exits only in online version.

Online rummy will win hands down if voting is done because of the many advantages and convenience it offers to players. The growing popularity of online and decline in offline rummy is clear indication that online version is great fun to play

After reading above discussion which do you choose? the old tradition rummy offline or the trending rummy online

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