Here’s How Rummy Game Has Become a Part of Every Indian Household

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Here's How Rummy Game Has Become a Part of Every Indian Household

Rummy has been around for centuries. This venerable old card game originated nearly 400 years ago in the form of a Mexican game, called Conquain. Then onwards, through the explosion of world trade, conquain reached international shores, and each new country gave its own spin to the card game, and thus, the various versions of rummy were born.

India is no stranger to adopting an international game and embracing it whole-heartedly (think cricket and football – Indians are passionate about these games which originated in Britain but these sports are linked with our very identity).

It wasn’t long before Indians fell in love with rummy. It is believed that rummy came to India during the 20th century. The details of how it arrived are blurry, but if we were to hazard a guess, we would say that Indians learnt how to play rummy through contact with the British Indian rummy.

In the era of globalization, all the different versions of rummy arrived in India too. Whichever version you fancy, you can learn how to play rummy anytime you want. So, how did rummy become so popular in India? Let us take a look.

India has always been passionate about card games

Indians have been playing card games since long before we learnt how to play rummy. Playing cards was always popular in the Indian subcontinent. 

Long before Indians learnt how to play rummy, they had already been playing several card games (‘tash’). Another card game that the Mughals brought to India (the game was originally invented in ancient Persia) was Ganjifa. Initially, these games were played by the royalty. The emperor would bond with his wives over Ganjifa. The Mughal emperors heavily endorsed card games, and the popularity increased even among the common people. 

Other tash games such as teen patti were also born. Very soon, card games had become a part of the lifestyle of people of the Indian subcontinent. This was long before rummy came to India and we learnt how to play rummy game. The ground was set for rummy to come and conquer hearts.

Rummy is the perfect spare time activity

Soon after rummy came to India, people realized that this novel new card game is a great way to spend free time, and across the spectrum of society, people began to learn how to play rummy. People have always been in need of entertaining activities to take the mind off stress and anxiety after a difficult day.

Another reason why people began to learn how to play rummy is that they don’t always have to play in large groups. A minimum of 2 players are required.

Rummy in the technological era

Rummy reached every household once gaming apps began to include it in their roster of games. Even people who had never been exposed to rummy before began to take an interest and learn how to play rummy online. The simplicity and convenience of playing online rummy, the multiple tutorials on how to play rummy, and the ability to master how to play rummy cards games by playing free games are some of the reasons why rummy became a household name.

Rummy platforms such as Adda52Rummy further incentivized people to learn how to play rummy through arranging regular rummy tournaments that offer lakhs of rupees as cash rewards. 

So, if you haven’t learnt how to play rummy online yet, it’s high time that you do! Visit Adda52Rummy or download the app and create an account. Learn the rules on how to play rummy by participating in free games powered by your freeroll rummy chips!

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