How can you know the skill level of your rummy opponent?

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How can you know the skill level of your rummy opponent?

Rummy is like archery; you better be skilled in all aspects otherwise you will fail to shoot clean. Sometimes players who are highly skilled and quite aware of the rummy strategies still lose the game. Despite possessing exceptional analytical and probability skills, the tricky moves by opponents hamper their performance and dissuade them from playing further rummy games. On rummy tables, the situations become so intense that even pro players drop the ball and make unwise moves. Never take your opponent lightly. If they are competing with you, they must be well-equipped with powerful rummy strategies and tricks. Deducing the skill level of your opponents can make successes and comebacks more likely. Once you get a knowledge of their skills, you will be able to deploy better strategies and seize an opportunity of winning big.

In this article, we will be throwing some light on how you can know the skill level of your opponents and make a winning hand:

  • High-Value Cards: The foremost strategy that every rummy player follows is discarding the high-value cards as soon as possible. Almost all rummy players do the same to get rid of the high points and eliminate the chances of losing from a big margin. If your opponent is a novice or a mediocre player, he/she may hurriedly discard high-value cards just because it has been advised to them. However, pro players tend to follow a different league. Instead of mindlessly discarding their high-value cards, they use them strategically in every rummy round to trick their opponents. Carefully observe what your rivals are doing with their high-value cards. Apply your analytical skills to identify the hidden discard strategy that your opponent might be using to make you discard your strong cards and hamper your gameplay. If this is the case, there are no two ways that you are pitting against a seasoned player and you must pull your socks up to win the game.
  • Discarding Cards: Expert rummy game players are avid observers who keep a watchful eye on their opponent’s game. If your opponent is a pro player, he/she will spectate your moves closely and never discard any card which might be relevant to you. They will gauge the possible melds you are aiming for based on your pick and discard patterns. They might play a reverse discard strategy to provide you a false impression of their combinations. For example, your opponent discarding low-value cards in consecutive rounds from the same suit is like an intentional distraction to hinder your concentration. Concentrate on your melding combinations and make any major decisions based on your game strategy.
  • Joker Cards: In one of our previous blogs, we have already emphasized on why joker is the ‘king of all the cards’. Those who know how to use this trickiest and powerful card are definitely not novice players. If your opponent is discarding jokers and drawing other cards, there are two possibilities. The first is that the player is a beginner who doesn’t know much about using joker cards. The second assumption is that the player is close to completing a combination. In this case, try to recollect the cards your opponent has discarded or picked in the previous rounds. If you spot a fixed pattern, be aware, and play safe. If there is no pattern, your opponent may be an amateur who lacks ace skills and doesn’t know the ways of improvising joker cards.
  • Drop Strategy: Ace players do not play rummy every hand. After a couple of rounds, they realise they have a bad hand and adopt a drop strategy accordingly. Either they opt for an initial drop or a middle drop depending on the cards dealt and how the game progresses. Beginners, despite having a bad hand, continue playing in the hope of getting promising cards. If your opponent is a professional, he/she knows that it is wise to drop rather than playing with bad cards.
  • Capturing the Opponents’ Mistakes: The skill level of your opponent can be easily depicted by the mistakes they make. Be it erroneously discarding a high point card, drawing cards from the open pile in a fixed pattern, or picking a card in no particular fashion. Such mistakes indicate the skill-level and ill-expertise of your opponent.

You need to understand that one half of your winning depends on your analytical skills and the other half depends on your ability to deduce the skill level of your opponent. While playing rummy online, do follow the tips we have listed above and win massive cash prizes.

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