How online rummy gaming became a source of income

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How online rummy gaming became a source of income

Evolution is a gradual change of something and it happens over time. Only a few decades ago, sports was a hobby for most players and many took to sports to land jobs. Now, in many fields, sportsmen have taken their discipline as a career because of money coming from it. Even parents encourage their wards to take sports seriously.  A few decades ago, the perception was that rummy was gambling. But not any more as the Supreme Court has categorically ruled that it is a game of skill and not of chance.

With the game going hitech and offering aplenty for players, many have taken rummy seriously—cutting across language, age, religion and creed.

Games scholar and historian says: “Rummy is deservedly popular because it is easy to learn, fast to play, suitable for all ages, playable by any number, and as suitable for gamblers as for missionaries – though perhaps not both at once.”

Rummy engages the player with skills and analysis. Many worry about playing physical games in clubs as they could be noticed and could be “dubbed” gamblers by friends and relatives. Here comes the advantage of online rummy. Players remain anonymous and no one would know what they are doing as they can play on smart phones also. It boosts the confidence of players. 

As the gaming industry is seeing tremendous growth and clubs under constant police watch, youngsters see a good chance in making quick bucks from online rummyHow online rummy gaming became a source of income

Online Rummy can be a Career Option

Adda52 Rummy has been offering fabulous prize pools every month, running into lakhs of rupees. The money spent on buy-ins is very small compared to the prize pool on adda52 rummy. The investment-returns ratio is fantastic and too tempting to desist.

The website has strict control and secure with excellent firewalls. There is no question of hera pheri or monkey business as those indulging in malpractices are banned. 

Albert Einstein once said that he has no special talent, he is passionately curious”.

This holds good for most sportspersons, more so for rummy players. Curiosity draws them to rummy. Then, it turns into a hobby. Users, play more and also get more bucks.How online rummy gaming became a source of income

Another famous and relevant quote is “Chance depends on circumstances, but the choice depends on your attitude.”

This fits like a shot for Nirav, a 28-year-old techie who married recently.  “I am passionate about rummy. I play the game regularly on adda52 rummy and have been making decent money. Their deposit offers excites me to play more. Sometimes, I do not get time to play as much as I would like to because of work pressure. I want to quit my job and take a plunge and earn more money. I am confident of doing well as it is skill and not a game of chance. And I have nimble fingers. I trust them and my guts. I may give up my job in a technology company,” says Nirav. 

Nirav is not alone. Hundreds of others are sailing in the same boat. Thousands of others are testing the waters. They are slowly realizing that they can earn good money regularly on adda52 rummy. Decision making can be a lengthy process but it will happen. They will answer the call of their mind. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Only people with steely determination take bold steps.

It is not at all surprising. The scenario was the same even for cricket in India till a couple of decades ago. With leagues for various games, many are pursuing sports as a full-time career.

Adda52 rummy is player friendly website. It has several tournaments and timings are ideal for most people. At adda52 rummy, innovation is a religion and it keeps track of needs of its players. Always the website is in the forefront to make the game challenging and interesting. Of course, even prize pool always on the rise—too tempting for players to stay away from the site. It offers tournaments daily, weekly and monthly. Also, special tournaments to mark major occasions are on the calendar of adda52 rummy. The site ploughs back money to offer better returns to players. 

Online rummy is in for glorious days and adda52 rummy would be miles ahead of others in making the experience great for its players. Only timid and chicken-hearted could close their eyes to fabulous offers from adda52 rummy.

If you want to earn money online as full time/part time income, visit adda52 rummy and start playing rummy games online

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