How points are calculated for 21 Card Rummy?

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How points are calculated for 21 Card Rummy?

21 card rummy is one of the most captivating and enjoyable variants of online rummy in India. The rules to play 21 card game is very similar to 13 cards. The difference is the number of cards dealt to the players. It needs 3 decks of cards and every player is dealt with 21 cards. To win the game, you need to arrange your cards in sequences/sets:

Pure sequences of 3 or 4 cards of same suit. i.e. 2, 3, 4 of heart.

Impure sequence with the use of joker, i.e. 7 and 8 of club along with joker (which replaces 9 of club).  

Sets of 3 or 4 cards of same rank of different suits i.e. Q of club, Q of heart, and Q of spade can be considered as a set.

Validation Rules for 21 Card Rummy

Players can create the sequences/sets in the following way to declare the game:

  1. Three pure sequences and rest in impure sequences or sets.
  2. Group of 8 Jokers.
  3. Separate groups of 8 Dublees(2 identical cards of same rank). Seven dublees will be a free hand.
  4. Three trinalas (3 identical cards of same rank) in separate groups.

Points CalculationHow points are calculated for 21 Card Rummy?

Winner will be determined by the calculation of 21 cards points earned by each player. Player who validly declares by creating proper sequences/sets will get 0 deduction of points. An invalid declaration costs 120 points to the player. The upper limit of maximum penalty is 240 points in 21 cards rummy.

A player can drop out anytime from the game. In situation of initial drop, 30 points will be deducted. If he drops in middle of the game, 75 points will be deducted. Other calculation rules for points are as follows:

       1. Ace, King, Queen, and Jack carry value of 10 points each.

       2. All cards carry their face or numeric value i.e.10 of spade have value of 10 points

       3. Jokers carry 0 points

      4. If the player fails to act on his turn and misses three turns continuously, he will be   penalized as full hand.

      5. If the player fails to act on first turn and drop in the second turn, it will be considered as middle drop and points will be deducted

6. If the player fails to arrange 3 pure sequences, full hand will be levied for 120 points.

      7. If the player arranges only 1 or 2 pure sequences, all other cards will be counted included impure sequences with joker.

      8. If the player makes 3 pure sequences, only cards without any sequence/sets will be counted.

      9. If player leave the table in middle of a hand, it will be counted as full hand.

     10. Value cards allows the player to have additional points from the opponents even if he declared or not i.e. if 8 of heart is cut joker (randomly selected card) then 7 and 9 of heart will be called as value cards. Having all three cards will be a “marriage hand” and is considered as pure sequence. They carry 20 points each.

     11. Star cards (Ace of spade and 2 of club) need to be used in sequence/sets. Their value is 10 points each.

     12. If a player declares on the first turn, the other players will be penalized with middle hand (75 points) maximum. There value cards will be counted to save points.

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