How Prakash Raja, won 15 Lacs playing rummy with just Rs 30!!

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How Prakash Raja, won 15 Lacs playing rummy with just Rs 30!!

We have Mr.Prakash Raja, winner of the biggest live rummy event- Indian Rummy Challenge, 2018 powered by one of the leading online rummy site- Adda52 Rummy at Deltin Royale in Goa.

Firstly, Congratulations to Mr Prakash Raja on his achievement of winning the biggest rummy tournament, IRC 2018.

You have won 15 lakhs from prize pool of Rs 25 lakhs tournament with just Rs 30. Isn’t it a big Achievement. How is it feeling?

I am very happy, it is totally an unexpected victory and big achievement of my life. I just came to see Goa and thought to spend some time. I did not think I would return home as winner and bag Rs 15 Lacs at Indian Rummy Challenge, Powered by Adda52 Rummy.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Prakash my father name is Raja.  So, this is how I was named Prakash Raja. My village is Trichy. My father runs a hotel and i am working with my father in the same hotel. Initially i was a legal advisor in Sriram chits.How Prakash Raja, won 15 Lacs playing rummy with just Rs 30!!

Hailing from Trichy to winning 15 Lacs prize money at IRC, 2018 organised in Goa, describe your journey in few words

The journey was absolutely thrilling and filled with excitement. The tournament was more than my expectation and the hospitality offered by Adda52 rummy team was simply superb. The way they treated the players was really good. I had never heard of any company offering flight tickets and free stay in luxurious Hotels for their players.

Can you tell us how you landed on Adda52 rummy OR How you got to know about Adda52Rummy?

I got to know about Adda52 Rummy from Facebook. I was playing in Rummycircle earlier. Once i got to know about Adda52 Rummy i started playing in this site and it is really good site compared to Rummy circle

From how long are you playing online rummy?

2 and half years

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Were you fond of playing online rummy or happened to play by chance.

My dads family play cards and i have 10 to 15 years experience playing rummy. Rummy is most played game in festivals and family get-togethers. I am personally very fond of rummy game. I started playing rummy at the age of 13. We used to play points rummy and in my childhood days and my family used to ask me to write down the points while they used to play. That is how i learned to play rummy. Now i love to play rummy online

How many rummy tournaments have you participated earlier? Have you won before in Adda52 Rummy or other rummy website.

I have played many tournaments but did not win any big tournament. This is the one big tournament i won and will never forget in my life.

Through which tournament did you get ticket to Daily Qualifier, Super or Turbo?

Turbo Satellites with just Rs 30

How was the journey of participating in IRC.

It was a very good journey and everything was taken care by Adda52Rummy team. Everything you have taken care was more than my expectation i missed the ambience and hospitality while returning from Goa. If i was eliminated in 2nd  or 3rd round i would have still been happy because reaching the IRC main event was also very special for me.

Were you Nervous or cool

I used my strategies and played as i was playing offline game from a long time. I was very cool for the first 2 rounds and during 3rd and 4th round i was bit nervous.How Prakash Raja, won 15 Lacs playing rummy with just Rs 30!!

Was it easy to reach the final table?

It was not that easy. It was a difficult journey.

Did you see a phase where you thought you are losing the game

Yes during 4th and 5th round i thought i could loose and in rummy you can’t say anything. The game can change in last two hands itself. I thought i could not make it to final. But my strategies worked well and i was in the final and won.

How was your final table battle with 5 more competitive players

I was never ever that tensed in my life. In the final table Madhusudhan was in the top and i played very carefully. I dropped in the last hand and if i could have played i would have come 2nd or 3rd.

Describe your final hand victory

In the final hand i dropped and the players who were in the top 3 also dropped the game and i thought i will be among the top two as the players who continued to play the last hand was bottom three players in the table so i calculated the points and thought i could be in the top 2. Finally when the game ended i was confirmed that its me who won. I can’t express my feeling in words.

How are you using your prize money?

I used prize money for my hotel business- renovation. My business is going good. I am thankful to Adda52 Rummy for providing me life changing experienceHow Prakash Raja, won 15 Lacs playing rummy with just Rs 30!!

Are you looking forward to win more rummy tournaments? What more are you expecting at Adda52 Rummy

I will never leave Adda52 Rummy any time. I was bit busy in the recent days but i started to play again in Adda52 Rummy

What are your views About

Once a person starts playing in this site, they will come to know about Adda52 Rummy. As i started to know about this site by facebook, i got to know that it was different from all other rummy online sites. The gaming experience and user interface at Adda52 Rummy makes it the best site when compared to all other rummy sites.

Your words for rummy audience?

Rummy game lovers should start playing at Adda52 Rummy. You will enjoy your experience at this best Adda for Rummy. Anybody can win with dedication and good rummy skills.

You can also be a winner and earn money online. So, what are you waiting for? Register at Adda52 Rummy start playing.

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