How Rummy Games Have Evolved in India

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How Rummy Games have Evolved in India

India, in the present times, is the fastest growing economy of the world. The growth indicators show that the nation has been approaching to a double-digit figure soon, surpassing all major markets. This growth has triggered the development of a more free, and encouraging online gaming society in India. In the present context, famous and old card games like Rummy has been in wide practice all over the country. Especially with a more favourable IT and Mobile infrastructure, the online form of these games is flourishing. Let us have an analytical insight in to how rummy game emerged as a favourite online card game in India.

Rummy in India

Rummy in India, popularly known as “Paplu”, is supposed to be a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. These two Rummy games originally started in the United States and they still hold their dominance in the continent. However, some experts believe that Rummy in India has close resemblance to “Rhuk” or Celebes Rummy, a popular card game played in South Asia. Gradually, Indian Rummy or the 13 cards Rummy have evolved with a very little variation from their original American counterparts. At present, the online form of the card games, such as Rummy.

Paplu or the Original Indian Rummy

Original Indian Rummy is not very different from American Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. Here players usually target to achieve two sequences to win, at least one of which has to be “pure” or without any joker. Players can make two kinds of sets. They can either go for a consecutive run of cards belonging to the same suit or they can make a sequence of three or four cards without any duplicate suits. Indian Rummy acquired the “13 card Rummy” because it is usually played with all the 13 cards including the Joker.

Indian Rummy: The Evolution Story

Rummy in India is deeply associated with fun, entertainment and celebration. People usually play Rummy at their homes, with their family and friends. The practice of playing card games is wide spread in festivals and celebrations, such as “Diwali” and “Navaratra”. This has always been a prime means of socialisation among the people. The involvement of prizes and rewards, especially, money with skill based Rummy game is a symbolic to demonstration of well-being and prosperity of the society and its people.

Rummy in the Present Context

Rummy in the present day Indian society has altogether taken a huge leap and bound. Advent of Information and Telecommunication technology in India has opened up great avenues for people to join online gaming platforms. These are places, where people can play their favourite Rummy at any time and from anywhere. As the way of being social has gone online, so has the trend of playing these card games. It is now a matter of a few seconds, one can log on to his chosen website join a virtual Rummy table and start playing for sheer fun and entertainment. With the popularity of online Rummy game, many innovative forms of the game have evolved now a day. You can find various online variants of Rummy, such as 201 Rummy, 101 Rummy and 6 Rummy.

What has Catapulted the growth of Online Rummy in India?

Online Rummy in India has reached to its present height to the online and IT revolution in the country. Almost every other person has access to the Internet with more than one mobile phone in his hand. The wait for access to online gaming websites and forums is over now. Improved data technology, friendly mobile devices, coupled with affordable Internet have plotted a suitable playground for players connect and grow as a modern gaming civilisation.

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