How to Know the Best Online Rummy Sites in India

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How to Know the Best Online Rummy Sites in India

In India, there are a number of websites that offer you to play online rummy, but the first question that strikes every mind of a potential player is, which are the best online rummy sites? Being a rummy player, if such a question has hit your mind to even once, how did you make your decision? What made you choose so-and-so website to play rummy on? Did you simply google to make your choice after reading the reviews, or was it an experimental play that you did on one or two or many websites to come to the final conclusion?

Well, when every one of us is running short of time these days, choosing such a way could be slightly confusing and boring at the same time.  Most of the rummy players in India get confused choosing the best and most trusted rummy portal in India.

We are going to tell you how to be smart and follow a smarter way to choose the best rummy sites to play the game on.

Here we go:

 1- Seamless Services

The first and most important time to choose the best website to play rummy on are, the waiting time should be less, tables should load really fast, gaming sessions should be seamless, and the tournament structures should be simple.

2- Gift What You Promise

From a players’ point of view, running genuine promotions surely play a major part for him to decide whether he should stay with the site for long or should it just be a onetime affair.  Gifting what you have promised or advertised really makes a player happy and stays loyal to you. If you have offered to give a Gold coin to a player even in a free tournament, and you gift it to the winner, he will not only stay on your website, but let many more players to join the bandwagon.  This is what the power of word of mouth publicity is.

3- Offer Attractive Bonuses

It is just a matter of spending a small token amount in the account of a potential player to attract and welcome him on your website, rather than spending a hefty amount on advertising. Trust me, it would really mean a lot to an individual if you gift him Rs. 25 or 50 in his account just for signing up. Post this sign up bonus, offer the user first deposit bonus too. The bonus should be credited to the account instantly.

4- User Interface Should Be Simple

If your website offers a cleanliest user interface, which is not clogged up with too many options, and is very user-friendly and ideal for an engrossing game play, no other rummy website can snatch your players to their sites. The tables should load real fast as compared to the other rummy sites.

5- Mobile App – An Added Advantage

This is the time when we love speed.  We love to move fast, be it the real world or talk of the web world. In today’s fast paced life, if your website doesn’t offer a mobile app to the player, you are simply out of the race. Trust me it would not really matter to a player how good your site looks like and how responsive it is, but people love the comfort of playing on apps. An app is the faster and one of the best ways to play games online.

6- Lightening Fast Customer Support

Yes indeed, if you offer one of the quickest customer support, no competitor can beat you.  Offer the support services till midnight and 7 days week to become one of the best.  Also, bug reporting issues in tables must also be resolved in a quick time frame, i.e. your support guys should really have a decent technical know how.

7- Secured Services Are a Must

This definitely is one of the major areas of unease as far as a user perspective is concerned.  A Player will be playing rummy using money, for which he will be entering all credit/debit/net banking details on your website.  So if your website has been using 128 bit encryption and using most trusted security certification, the more beneficial for you.

8- Offer a Faster Redemption

Money, money, money… Always sunny…  In the rich man’s world…  Well said by the legendary singer Abba.  At the end of the day what matters the most is money.  Every rummy player would look forward for a quicker (rather quickest) redemption to be made at the end of the game.  So, make sure you follow to provide the fastest redemption to stay ahead in the competition.

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