How to Learn Rummy Quickly

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How to Learn Rummy Quickly

Rummy is an extremely entertaining and enticing game and rummy enthusiasts who have just started playing are always looking for best ways to learn rummy quickly.  Here are few “tried-and-tested” rummy tips for beginners which they can follow to be a master rummy player:

Play online

Start playing online rummy by creating an account on It is one of the best online rummy gaming platform where you can play with freeroll chips to learn the “tips and tricks” of the game on a real time rummy table. There are many variants of rummy games (13 card rummy, 21 card rummy, marriage rummy) available on the website and you can choose your game as per your interest. The basic concept of rummy is that the player needs to defeat his opponents by creating a sequence (group of 3 or 4 cards of same suite with or without joker) or set (group of 3 or 4 cards of different suits) from given cards. Play on practice tables and after gaining some experience you can try your skills on cash tables and tournaments. is completely dedicated to rummy only and provides exciting rewards and bonuses to the players. You can also download and play rummy online on your phone, laptops, or ipads anytime or anywhere.


Players who are not having any prior knowledge or experience of rummy can start with website tutorials through blogs, videos, discussion forums which provides lessons and guide to understand rummy. Beginners can learn rummy basics, variants, tricks, rules and regulations, and how to arrange proper sequences or sets on the website. also provides video tutorials for the step-by-step basics, definitions, and tips in details about how to play on rummy tables. A player can experience playing techniques and competitive environment of a table in real time. Check the glossary to understand widely used terms of rummy.

Play with friends

Start playing with your friends or family members who are equally interested in the game. Self observation provides an unparalleled learning experience to the beginners. In few parts of India, playing rummy is a tradition in family functions and festivals. You can play even online with your friends and family by referring them to the website as a new member and even create your own tables.

Join community

Join rummy communities (online or offline) to meet and talk with other rummy followers where you can discuss or share your views about the game. Check online forums where experienced players share their insights and suggestions about rummy. There are rummy clubs available in some cities where you can play live and connect with other players.


Start spending time and efforts to understand the concepts and master the game. Try as many tables as possible to practice and develop your own style of playing. provides you opportunity to play against different opponents whom you can observe and create strategies. You can evaluate your game and learn from your opponent’s mistakes as well as your own. Winning is not important in the learning phase and the concentration of the player must be only on improving the game. Start evaluating the cards and create strategies to manipulate the game in your favor and mislead your opponent.

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