How to Make Big Money in Rummy Tournament in India

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How to Make Big Money in Rummy Tournament in India

The popularity of rummy tournaments in India is at its peek, and new ambitious rummy players are expressing their eagerness to play in tournaments to earn big rewards. Year by year many new players are joining the world of rummy to test, improve, and upgrade their skills as well as play rummy to win money.

Rummy tournaments are available both online and offline. The format of rummy tournament is little different from cash games. Player have to register himself for the tournament and reserve his seat. Multiple players start playing against each other on multiple tables. One has to eliminate his opponents by declaring his cards before others to reach the next level. The prize pool will be distributed among the players who reach the last level.

Online Rummy tournaments are getting exceptionally popular due to their huge rewards and bonuses along with easy access to your phones, laptops, and Ipads. is one dedicated rummy platform where players can play thrilling and wonderful rummy tournaments and increase their bankroll.

Here are some valuable rummy tips to win real cash which you can implement in rummy tournaments:

Create pure sequence first

Always arrange the pure sequence first. Sort your cards and arrange the pure sequence as soon as you are dealt with cards. The lifespan of your game depends on how much time you take to create a pure sequence as without it, you cannot declare your cards and finish the game. It does not guarantee your winning, but it will surely help you to keep your score as minimal as possible.

Opponent’s Behavior

Keep observing your opponent’s game. A professional player should have the ability to read opponent’s game pattern, confidence level, and the cards he is picking and dropping. Focus on opponent’s actions to check and not discard those cards which may be valuable to him. It is equally important to be unreadable for your opponent. It is possible that your opponent is also watching your moves and predicting your cards. Bluff whenever necessary to manipulate and confuse the opponent i.e. by picking unwanted cards sometimes which are not useful to you.


You cannot completely control the outcome of the game. Keep some strategic weapons in your arsenal and implement them as per the game . Winning in a rummy tournament depends on  your analytical abilities and rationale thinking. Also its important to work on your mathematical calculations. Do your math and check the probability of getting the desirable cards and possible sequences. What differentiate rummy from other card games is that it provides equal chance to every player to win by using their skill set. Its not about just picking or discarding your cards but it also tests your decision making and problem solving skills.

Drop whenever needed

It is important to know when you should continue or when to drop your hand. Check the cards in your hands and evaluate potential sequences/sets (connecting sets, jokers) you can arrange with them. It’s not possible to win each and every game a player play. It is very normal in rummy tournaments to have less useful cards and the best solution is to drop cards to save your time and points.

User Joker

Use your joker cards carefully to create the impure sequence/set. Joker helps you to get rid of the high value cards as you can use wild cards as a replacement. Also keep in mind that having many wild cards can reduce your chances to create the pure sequence. So its important to use it only after arranging the pure sequence to make the remaining sequence/set.

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