How To Play 13 Cards Indian Rummy: Strategy for Beginners

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How to play 13 Cards Indian Rummy: Strategy for Beginners

Rummy is a game of ability that requires executing the right strategy at the right time. Once you grasp this technique, nothing can stop you from mastering the game. And this applies to all the variants of rummy like 13 cards Indian rummy, pool, deals, and others.

But there is one thing that might hamper your gameplay. Wondering what that might be? Well, not knowing your basics can lead to your downfall. Especially if you are a beginner, your primary strategy should be not to make any invalid declarations. 

Read on to understand the rules and the different invalid hands to avoid making mistakes:

How to Play 13 cards Indian rummy:

  • Primary rule of 13 cards Indian rummy is to pick a card from the open deck or closed deck on each turn. Then, discard a card from your hand
  • The main aim of the game is to arrange your cards in sequences. Make sure to have at least one pure sequence and other sets and sequences (impure or pure)
  • In 13 card Indian rummy, sequences can be made with 3 or more cards of the same suit, arranged in consecutive order. Like 3,4,5 of hearts

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  • You can create a set with three or four cards having the same value but different suits. Like, three 10’s of spades, clubs, and hearts, respectively

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  • Note that you can form sets and sequences in 13 cards Indian rummy by substituting a missing card with a joker card. But keep in mind that to declare your hand, you need a pure sequence (arrangement without a joker)
  • You are free to use aces to form sequences with high or low cards. But you cannot use them with both high and low cards in the same game.  Like, in 13 cards, Indian rummy, 2, K, A of hearts will be invalid

Know-How to Make a Valid Declaration

Learn with an example:

A Valid Declaration: 3, 4, 5, 6 of hearts + 4, 5, 6, 7 of diamonds + 5, 5, 5, Q of spades, clubs, hearts, and hearts, respectively.


3, 4, 5, 6 of hearts: pure sequence

4, 5, 6, 7 of diamonds: second pure sequence

5, 5, 5, Q of spades, clubs, hearts, and hearts: a set with Q of hearts as the wild joker card.

Avoid an Invalid Declaration

Since rummy can be an extremely thrilling game, you can get carried away in the game many times. If you get too excited, you may declare invalid sets and sequences with hasty decisions. Do not make invalid declarations a reason for your loss! 

Consider and note these situations of invalid declaration:

Instance 1

Invalid Set: 9 of spades + 9 of spades + 9 of hearts + 9 of diamonds + Q of hearts

Although there are more than three cards in this set, the cards are of the same value but different suits. Having two 9 of spades makes it invalid. In such a situation, you can drop one of the 9 of spades card.

Instance 2

Invalid sequence: 8 of clubs + 8 of hearts + 8 0f diamonds + 8 of spades

                                   5 of diamonds + 5 of clubs + 5 of spades 

                                   2 of spades + 2 of hearts + 2 of clubs

Here, there are no sequences. This hand is made up of sets and hence is an invalid declaration. Try not to confuse sequences with sets!

Instance 3 

Invalid sequence: 9 of hearts + 9 of spades + 9 of clubs

                                   7 of hearts + 8 of hearts + Q of hearts

                                   4 of clubs + 5 of clubs + 6 of clubs + Q of hearts

There are two sequences in this scenario, but they are impure sequences (Q of hearts is the joker card). Remember, it’s compulsory to have a pure sequence to make valid declaration.

Instance 4

Invalid sequence: 5 of hearts + 5 of spades + 5 of clubs

                                   6 of diamonds + 7 of diamonds s + 8 of diamonds + 9 of diamonds

                                   4 of clubs + 4 of spades + 4 of diamonds

                                   8 of clubs + 8 of hearts + 8 of diamonds

Here, the hand has three sets and one pure sequence. And as you already know, for a valid declaration, a hand must have two sequences where one pure sequence is essential. Therefore, this hand fails to meet the criteria for a valid declaration.

While there are other strategies to win the 13 card game, you should never forget the strategy of knowing your basics. Once you are thorough with this strategy, you can play free tournaments on our website.

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