How to Play Online Indian Rummy without Jokers

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How to Play Online Indian Rummy without Jokers

Indian Rummy, which has been played over the centuries, is one of the best evolved Rummy games played all over the world. This card game is so common that you can find it being played among the family members, among the friends as a favorite pastime. The craze and love for this game has now dominated the online arena and you will find a number of variants of Indian Rummy online.

In Indian Rummy, the number of Jokers to be included depends upon the number of players in the game. If there are 2 or 3 players, two decks of 52 cards are served with 4 Jokers as wild card. If there are 4 to 6 players, three decks of cards with 6 jokers are used. One of the interesting aspects of Indian Rummy is that you can play the game with or without the Joker. Not only in the casual playing environment, Indian Rummy without Joker is played in many online tournaments.

While the presence of the Joker in online Indian Rummy opens up many avenues to build many melds and sets, playing without it demands the players to execute a better game plan. As the game of Rummy involves skill and luck equally, you should be well equipped with strategies that will assist you to play the game without a jocker. Here are a few Rummy game tips for your advantage so that you can take a strategic approach while playing Indian Rummy online.

Arrange your cards properly

After all the 13 cards are dealt with, you must first of all, arrange them properly. To do so, you can two approaches. You can arrange them by the order of their increasing or decreasing numbers (or card values) or by suits. This will help you to build a mental picture of which cards are missing from the sequence and also what are your chances of getting these missing cards to complete the meld. As a safer advice, if you find yourself with lower odds and you are not so confident of playing with the existing set of cards you have, it is better to drop out of the game from the beginning. Else, you may continue playing and try to build an optimum meld by analysing the cards discarded by your opponents.

Count total points

After arranging the cards, the first thing to do now is to count the total points of the initial 13 cards. This is give you a fair idea whether you should play further on not. This has to be a continuous practice even during the entire game. If the total value of the unmatched meld of cards exceed 20 points, it is better to drop out of the game. The earlier you decide to drop out, the better it is for you as you will only lose 20 points.

Try to read the opponents’ mind

This is as such one of the all-time successful Rummy game tips. When there is no Joker, all other players come under pressure like you. In such a situation, just keep your calm and keep on observing the moves of other players. You will soon come to know what combination of cards they are including in their melds just by keeping a watch on the discarded section. You can also point out the weak players as they will, for sure, commit some blunder sooner or later. Just play cautiously while picking and discarding cards. If any of your opponents is picking your discarded cards more than once, be sure he is near completion. In such a scenario, it is wiser to give up, as it will cost you only 40 points.

These tips will, hopefully, help you to develop a better strategy while playing Indian Rummy online without Joker. Just follow them, be patient and keep your Rummy journey alive.

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