How to use the Rummy Welcome Bonus?

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How to use the Rummy Welcome Bonus?

Now play online rummy cash games at with the highest Welcome bonus! Moreover, stand a chance to win some of the biggest cash pool prizes and mega offers. Rummy games are a great way to enhance your skills and put your mind to its best use. When you play rummy on a daily basis, you start becoming a better version of yourself as every game has something to learn from. Not just the skills, you also get to enjoy some really cool monetary benefits. 

When you play online Rummy at, you enjoy an awesome Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. Enjoy up to ₹10,250 Cashback, 500% Bonus, and 5 tournament tickets of ₹10 Lakh. This is the biggest Welcome Bonus and a great way to kick-start your rummy journey full of surprising rewards and cash prizes. Using the Instant Bonus cashback you can play multiple cash rummy games and even enroll yourself in some of the top ongoing rummy tournaments for free. Simply use the code: WELCOME2020 and will credit your user account with the Instant Cashback. 

How to avail the Rummy Welcome Bonus?

Wondering how to avail the Rummy Welcome Bonus on your first deposit? Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick a deposit amount to make your first deposit. You can choose from the options provided on the site. For eg; if you choose to deposit ₹200, you will receive an Instant Bonus of ₹100. For a deposit of ₹500 or more, you will receive an Instant Bonus of ₹250. 
  2. Login to your Adda52Rummy account using your username, email or mobile number. Click on the Add Cash and Play button. 
  3. You will be directed to “My Account” with various payment options. Just enter the amount you wish to deposit and use code: WELCOME2020.
  4. Click on ‘continue to proceed’ through the payment process by choosing your convenient payment method and click on Add Cash button. 
  5. You will be redirected to a secured payment gateway for payment completion and receive the Instant Bonus amount in your account. You can check this amount in the Account Summary section of the site.

This is your Grand Welcome into the world of online rummy full of amazing cash prizes and offers. Follow these 5 simple steps and enjoy the best rewards on your first deposit. That’s not it! It gets bigger and better! Along with the Instant Bonus, you will also receive up to 2,00,000 Practice chips to play unlimited free rummy games to ace your rummy skills. Also receive a 500% Locked bonus and 5 free tournament tickets of up to ₹10 Lakhs. 

Once you start playing cash rummy games, you will also get rewarded with Loyalty points and enter into the exclusive Loyalty Program of with premium benefits. For extra savings and zero deductions on your winnings, you can convert your rummy wallet amount to Adda chips – a smart way to maximise your winnings. Once you start playing rummy cash games, you can redeem your bonus points and even unlock your locked bonus points. So, step into the enticing world of online rummy today and enjoy exciting offers and benefits.

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