Join Rummy Card Game Party at Adda52 Rummy 

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Join rummy card game party at Adda52 Rummy

Playing rummy card game in big parties and celebrations in India was common for long. Playing rummy in reputable clubs was considered a prestige issue among the elite for a long time.

Rummy Rides Into Kitty Parties

  • With changing times, rummy has made grand entry into kitty parties also. As the Supreme Court has ruled that rummy is a game of skill, there is no fear of police conducting raids on such parties. Online rummy has become very popular in kitty parties and more and more people are playing it and enjoying the game and winning money.
  • It was a common sight on trains to see couples playing rummy during their long journeys. Decks of cards were part of baggage for long-distance travelers even till the first decade of this millennium.
  • Air travel was beyond the means of most people till low-cost carriers made their debut in Indian aviation in the last decade.
  • However, seating arrangements did not allow rummy to be played on flights. Physical rummy card game was a bit cumbersome. Another reason could be flyers did not want to openly identify themselves as rummy players.

Join rummy card game party at Adda52 Rummy

  • With internet explosion and arrival of affordable smartphones in the last few years, rummy players are having gala time on adda52 rummy, the most secure and reliable online rummy website. Stable net connection has made it possible to play online rummy even while traveling.

Fun during travel

  • Many transport operators now offer wi-fi connectivity and the rummy players have great fun during their travel in buses also.
  • Many enjoy their travels as they get a chance to play rummy. Players log on to adda52 rummy and start playing, sometimes within their group and sometimes with other players and win stakes.
  • With airlines coming forward to offer internet connectivity on domestic flights in India in the near future, rummy lovers can look for a great time while in the air.
  • Not only air travelers, rummy is gaining in popularity in kitty parties. Most people prefer it as one of the activities in their kitty parties. Change is constant and people love new challenges. So, kitty parties are also undergoing change.

Great challenges

Join rummy card game party at Adda52 Rummy Women love to play rummy game. As rummy offers great challenges and stimulates the brain, women prefer rummy to traditional games like tie the knot, fun with bangles and placing coins on the pencil.
Initially at kitty parties, people pooled money to create stakes for rummy card game. With more money on hand, high society women started fixing amounts for the parties.

Play Rummy with Friends

Kitty parties are no longer restricted to well heeled. Even students and women in smaller towns have started holding kitty parties. Women are always on the lookout for new games to keep them engaged. Online rummy has come as a good opportunity and many enjoy the game for hours together at such parties. Online rummy offers opportunity for people to play among themselves. There is a new josh at kitty parties with online rummy games.

As it is legal to play online rummy, more people will enjoy playing their favorite game at the kitty parties.

Madhuri, who is 32, says kitty parties have become livelier and more interesting with the option of online rummy. The homemaker says many of her friends play online rummy at kitty parties. The trend is catching up, she adds.

A day is not far off when online rummy will be a must at all kitty parties and adda52 rummy will be the most preferred option because of the variety and prize pool on the offer.

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