Latest Rummy promotion 21 Card Shooters @adda52 Rummy

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Latest Rummy promotion 21 Card Shooters @adda52 Rummy

It’s time to shoot up winning hands at this wonderful rummy online variant, come one, come all!!

The latest rummy promotion on is the 21 Cards Shooters Game happening between 2 November and 29 November, 2017. It’s indeed ‘Shooters time’ because, as the winning hands shoot up, cash prizes also come flocking in! When you play the new 21 Card Shooters Cash Game from 2nd Nov-29th November everyday between 12PM- 6PM, you get to win Rs.1,00,000/- at end of event!!! And players with maximum games won will also get weekly prizes with a buy in and just Rs.100/-. Tempted?

Then first, let’s look at how rummy online works for 21 Card Shooters:

21 Card Rummy is for those who are looking for a bigger challenge than 13 cards rummy. 21 cards rummy is set amongst 2-4 players and not more. The 21 card rummy set comprises three regular decks of 52 card each and two face jokers. Now let’s talk about the card arrangement. The straightforward purpose of 21 Cards online rummy is to make three pure sequences with a minimum of 3 cards per sequence. Arrangement of the rest of the cards is upto the player. They can be either pure or impure sequences and/or sets. If that sounds way too simple, here’s the deal. Especially on Adda52rummy, three more card arrangement types are considered valid. So when you choose to play 21 card rummy on, you can also make Holding 8 Joker cards, 8 Dublees, or 3 Trinala.Latest Rummy promotion 21 Card Shooters @adda52 Rummy

So, who’s gonna be the winning hand in 21 card shooters?

Playing 21 cards rummy online is similar to regular rummy. So that doesn’t warrant further explanation. Just keep these points in mind and you should ace the 21 Card Shooters event. Once cards are declared and melded, points are calculated for the players on the basis of how many cards have been made into relevant sets. The balance cards which have not been used to make sets are counted as points for the game. The winning hand is hence that of the player who gets maximum points. But do watch out as points may be deducted for invalid declarations and drops.

Here’s the lowdown on 21 Card Shooters at

Players are cordially invited to play on any of the available 21 Card tables on the site. Players are free to choose one table or many and even all of them! In order to maximize the chances of winning, it’s suggested that players indulge as much as you can on higher tables.

At every weekly milestone, the prize pool of Rs. 25,000 will be distributed amongst the top 10 players. The criteria for selection of winners is in the order of their loyalty points. The prize for the promotion is instant bonus. But if you think you can easily win multiple times, every single week, there’s a small catch. For cash-games promotions, if a player qualifies/wins multiple promotions in same week, he/she can claim for only one promotion with highest winnings. So there. If you need to know more about the event or have other queries, write to [email protected].

Come win weekly prizes and also grab the one lakh grand prize! Hurry! Register now!

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