The Legacy of Rummy Games in South India

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The Legacy of Rummy Games in South India

As the gaming industry in India has gone through a major paradigm shift over the last decade, even the evolution of rummy card games from the tables to digital arenas are now giving out a panoply of online games to choose from. Rummy is one such game which has been a part of the Indian culture for decades as people love to play rummy at home with family and friends on special occasions. In fact, rummy has derived its legacy from South India as the game still continues to be prevalent in the region and a lot of traction is observed on online platforms from the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. South Indians strongly bond to mathematics and logic. Rummy is a game which involves probability and calculations, therefore they undoubtedly favour playing rummy over the other chance-based games.

Let us take a sneak peek into the legacy of rummy in South India.

The story behind the Legacy

Turning to the mythology, it is believed that Goddess Parvati was once playing a game of dice with her husband, Lord Shiva. At different stages, she was winning and losing which indicated creation and destruction, a part of the cosmic cycle. It also signifies fragmentation and reunification. Therefore, Goddess Parvati declared rummy as a game of prosperity and further said that whoever played games like rummy will receive the richest blessings throughout the year. It is also said that playing rummy became a family tradition when Lord Shiva’s sons Kartik and Ganesh started playing dice too. 

This mythological scene is beautifully inscribed in stone at the Kailash Temple located at Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. Ardhanarishwara is depicted as one entity with female and male principles at this UNESCO World Heritage Site Therefore the reason why rummy is played on auspicious occasions like Diwali, Holi and Ugadi is to fairly understand the balance between materialistic needs and accomplishments. 

Rummy in Karnataka

Forget modern-day playing cards, did you know that India had its own card games even during the rule of the famous emperors of Mysuru. Ganjifa was one such card game popular in the 19th century when Mummudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar III (1794-1868) played card games with the neighboring kings or noblemen when they visited Mysuru. As the days passed, these card games were reduced to just an art-form. However, with the ever-changing times and the advancement of technology, Ganjifa is one such game that has been taken over by rummy card games, a variation of the latter. There are still many artists from various regions of Karnataka who practice the art of making the playing cards. 

Traditional games have always been a part of Karnataka’s rich culture and even with the evolution of online games, the concept of playing games is thriving in the state. Online rummy games are one of the most popular games played in this region as people seem to love the thrill of the skill-factor involved and it is very easy to learn to play online rummy. The rules of rummy are easy to follow and you have to use your mind to make calculated moves to win. Hence, rummy is one of the favorite pastimes at homes and even online, for the people of Karnataka in order to feel socially connected with each other.

Rummy in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has the second-largest economy in India and it is one of the most influential states in terms of gaming, especially in Rummy. For Tamilians, rummy is more than just a game as there are family traditions and feelings attached to it. Earlier there were many offline clubs in Tamil Nadu which used to organise and host various rummy tournaments but today online rummy has made its mark on the masses. Their love for mathematics definitely makes their affinity to the game quite strong and gives them a command over the game. In fact, the people of Tamil Nadu consider rummy as the king of all card games. 

Rummy in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a state that blends tradition and heritage with a modern outlook. The online rummy game scene has been a big hit with Andhraites as they are known to be one of the first in the country to be open to trying new technologies and experimenting with online avenues. People from Andhra Pradesh are known to be mellow and intellectual kinds who enjoy various activities using their mental abilities. Moreover, they have managed to preserve their culture while keeping up with the advancements of modern technology. Playing card games was a popular pastime before and when online rummy games came along, people warmly welcomed this new avenue. It is an interesting fact to note that most of the online rummy players are from Andhra Pradesh.

Henceforth, the online rummy industry must be just a decade old, but it has still managed to attain a cult status throughout the world especially among the regions of South India. It is rightly regarded as the legacy game of South India as with each passing day we see the growing numbers of participants from these regions playing rummy with great zeal and smart strategies.

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