Let’s break some Myths about Rummy Games

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Let’s break some Myths about Rummy Games

With the increasing popularity of rummy games, the card game has stood the test of time, in the truest sense of the word. In this hi-tech era, where online games are a much-favoured form of recreation, rummy is one of the traditional games that has made a fantastic comeback in the online gaming industry. Even though the popularity charts of online rummy games are rising at unprecedented rates, people still hold some myths about rummy. Here we bring forth some myth-busting facts to clear away any doubt in case you feel sceptical about the Indian rummy games.

Rummy is not a game of luck 

One of the most common fallacies about rummy is that it is a game of luck. But the fact is that rummy is a skill-based game and one needs to acquire certain skills in order to master the game.  Indian rummy games have a strategical approach where players need to invest their time to learn, practice, and master the requisite skills. Rummy has been declared as a skill-based game by the highest court of India which means that the outcome of the game is determined by the mental prowess and capabilities of the players and not just blind luck or chance.

Playing rummy is not Illegal

There was a time when playing any card game was considered as irresponsible behaviour and was frowned upon. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of rummy. Knowledge is power but due to ignorance, some people have a common notion towards the legality of rummy. Even the Supreme Court of India has given a verdict in the favour of online rummy pronouncing it to be essentially a game of skill. The verdict clearly states that playing rummy for cash is legal in the country and it is not gambling. 

Rummy is not a waste of time

Playing rummy has many benefits such as better concentration, attentiveness, development of spatial intelligence, fostering life skills. It is also considered as a great stress buster. In addition to this, every month hundreds of winners are announced on Adda52Rummy and other gaming sites who have won huge cash prizes. Players can also interact with other players online, make new friends, or play with their buddies. It sounds more like a social activity than a waste of time!

Bots do not play against the Players

Even before trying their hands on online rummy, many people assume that robots will play against them and they do not stand a chance to beat them. This is not true. In fact, there are over 1 million registered players at Adda52Rummy  and you may choose to play against one or several of them depending on the type of table you choose. Moreover, if it’s your lucky day you may get a chance to play against rummy masters.

People do not always lose money

People who play rummy online always lose money –  is one of the biggest myths about the game. Being a game of skills, rummy gives a fair chance to win to all the players. Since it is played between human players, some win, some lose. Especially with online rummy, one stands a chance to win cash every day. There are many online tournaments where huge cash winnings are involved and there is a very small amount of entry fee for the same. Online games offer you a fair chance to win and there is no scope of partiality when you play on certified and trusted rummy sites. Your winning is also determined by how well you play your cards and outsmart your opponents.

Newcomers do have a chance to win

Newbies have a fair chance to win when they compete against other amateur players. Besides, online rummy portals also offer free practice games to the new players to develop their rummy skills. They can simply download rummy app on their mobiles to play practice games anytime, anywhere. The free practice games allow the new players to learn the tricks of forming sets and sequences which gives them a good grasp of the game. Once they feel confident about their gameplay they can then enrol themselves into rummy cash games and tournaments. Playing rummy is all about how well-rehearsed you are with the tips and tricks of the game.

Online Payments are not Unsafe

With online rummy card games coming into existence, there were bound to be sceptics who wary about online payments. However, Adda52Rummy offers the most secure online payment with encrypted transactions, reliable and sound payment gateways, and 100% confidentiality. The gaming site is licensed and registered with the government authorities protecting the personal and financial details of the users. 

There are indeed several myths associated with rummy but what is beyond debate is the entertainment and engagement the game offers. We have tried to cast the limelight on the various myths around online rummy games and attempted to clear them with logic and facts. So, if you are a card game lover it’s time to shed all your inhibitions and take the plunge into the exciting world of online rummy games. Happy gaming!

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