How Lower Rakes In Rummy Can Help You Win More?

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How Lower Rakes In Rummy Can Help You Win More?

Nowadays almost every online platform asks you for a big service charge in order to allow you to use its features and services. But how about we tell you that now you don’t have to worry about your money when you play online rummy games. You don’t have to worry about the high rakes (service charges) anymore as Adda52Rummy is providing up to 50% lower rakes (service charges) which means that now you can claim bigger winnings. 

 So let’s find out how lower rakes in rummy can help you win more:

What is rake?

Before we move forward, we should understand the meaning of the word ‘Rakes.’ When you play rummy online games, the site cuts a playing fee on the cash deposit which is termed as Rakes. Most of the online rummy sites set rake levels as a percentage of cash pools and the rakes are charged in predetermined increments. The lower the deposit amount, the higher is the rake deduction. 

The Impact of Rakes on Winnings

When you play rummy at Adda52Rummy with up to 50% lower rakes, you can keep your costs down. Lower rakes means lesser deductions which further multiplies your winnings. On the other hand, higher rakes can take away up to half of your winning prize and you will feel cheated for the value of your money. So always make sure that you play online rummy games on a trustworthy platform such as Adda52Rummy to make your winnings even more rewarding.

The biggest goal of a rummy player is to find ways to maximize their winnings. There are many ways to do so such as to play on high stakes rummy tables, participate in daily tournaments and rummy cash-a-thons. But even after winning big, it is depressing to see high deductions on your winning amount due to high rakes. After all you have put in your best gameplay and rummy skills to beat your opponents and win the game. However, playing rummy at lower rakes reduces your chances of high deductions thereby making your winnings bigger. So even if you pay less you get to win more. Here are some more benefits of playing rummy at lower rakes:

The Emotional Turmoil

When you win big, there are feelings of joy and accomplishment which boosts your confidence. And when you get more out of your winnings due to lower rakes, these feelings exemplify and rummy becomes more than just a game for you, it becomes an emotion. 

Chances of Winning

When rakes are high, you will be worried about the deductions on your winnings which will eventually result in loss of focus in the game and you may end up losing the game. However, when you play rummy at lower rakes, you are not worried about the deductions and you can focus on the game to execute your winning moves.

State of Mind

As rummy is a game of entertainment, the players must feel happy and enjoy playing rummy. However, due to high rakes their minds tend to get stressed and they eventually lose interest in the game. On the contrary, when there are lower rakes, the players are relaxed and in a better state of mind as they don’t have to worry about their money.

Value  for Money

When you invest your hard-earned money into something, you want to redeem the best benefits out of it. But high rakes can deduce your big winnings due to higher deductions. This is unlikely to happen when you play Pool Rummy at Adda52Rummy which is offering up to 50% lower rakes to enable you to get the best value for your money. 

Since now you are well-rehearsed about the rakes and its impact on your winnings, play rummy with no worries on Adda52Rummy offering up to 50% lower rake on all Pool Rummy variants. This is your best shot to increase your net winnings like never before. You must take the full advantage of these lower rakes (service charges) and make online rummy games even more rewarding. This exciting offer is valid only till 30th June 2020 so hurry up, your big winnings are waiting for you. Play more to win more!

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