Make Deposit and Win Bumper Offer at Adda52 Rummy

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Make Deposit and Win Bumper Offer at Adda52 Rummy

Its online world, users study online, make friends online, pay bills online, avail entertainment online and earn money online too. From housewives to business tycoons, everybody are hooked to Smartphones. A smartphone and internet can save you from boredom, distress, and entertain you. Playing online games have been the most common way to relax and have fun. Sustaining in this competitive online industry is very tough. Offering consistent benefits is the only way to survive. Adda52 Rummy is one such portal which has faced high and consistent growth with immense user base.

The happy reviews says it all: “After playing a good rummy game, I forget what thoughts were bothering me”, says Akash a struggling job seeker. “If you have talent, then Money can be earned anyhow. My rummy gaming skills have helped me to earn my savings apart from my regular job” says Vikas an Engineer.

Adda52 Rummy has changed lives for better. A good rummy game at a secure platform is the destination for those who seek distraction from hectic life and to those who want to earn money. The users at adda52 rummy will be aware of the offers raining to bestow the New Year 2020. With back to back offers released, here comes the biggest Bumper offer of the Season rewarding bumper prizes.

Bumper Offer at Adda52 Rummy

Make Deposit and Win Bumper Offer at Adda52 RummyBumper offer will be live from 10th Jan to 19th Jan. Users will get 100% cashback + 100% Moneyback and Free Satellite tickets to happening tournaments of January month i.e., Sankranti and Go Goa Tournament on every first deposit made in the duration: 10th to 19th Jan. It is a heavy rich offer. Isnt it?

On Every 1st deposit, users can gain below benefits:

Day 1: Make First Deposit and start playing rummy games

Day2: Play rummy game and 50% cashback on FTD upto Rs 100 will be credited as IB

Day3: Play game and 30% cashback on FTD upto Rs 100 will be credited as IB

Day4: Play game and 10% cashback on FTD upto Rs 100 will be credited as IB

Day5: Play game and 10% cashback on FTD upto Rs 100 will be credited as IB

After 30 days of FTD If users is not satisfied, user can claim their entire FTD as Moneyback. Entire FTD amount will be refunded and adda52 rummy account of that user will be closed

To avail Bumper Offer, user should follow below steps:

  1. Make First Time Deposit
  2. Play rummy games
  3. Win 100% Cashback + 100% Moneyback based on first deposit
  4. Win Free Satellite tickets to Sankranti Tournament and Go Goa Tournament

Free Satellite ticket to Sankranti Tournament will lead you to win from prize pool of Rs 51,000. Free satellite ticket to Go Goa tournament will let you win couple packages to the beautiful Goa which is worth Rs 2.25 Lakhs.

What more Bumper offer other than this can we seek? Users, hurry and deposit from today!
Terms & Conditions 

  1. This offer is applicable only on first time deposits made from 10th Jan to 19th Jan
  2. The cashback offered will be credited in the form of Instant Bonus
  3. Instant Bonus cash credited, will expire in 7 days from the date of credit
  4. The Moneyback offer can be claimed after 30 days after making first time deposit
  5. All other terms and conditions of Adda52 Rummy will be applicable, and players must abide by the rules of this portal

Visit Adda52 Rummy and participate in Bumper Offer now!

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