How to make the most of your weekend with online rummy 

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How to make the most of your weekend with online rummy

It’s that time of the week again when you are asked the hackneyed, “What is your weekend plan?” and you probably want to roll your eyes to that but end up giving some equally trite reply. And as an afterthought you wonder how come you don’t have anything different to do over the weekend and something else to tell your colleagues and friends. Heed our advice and play online rummy game this weekend and spend your time the best way possible. Trust us, you won’t feel like rolling your eyes ever again. In fact you’ll be more than willing to indulge people about your weekend plans. 

It ain’t always easy to craft the weekend that is fun, productive and relaxing all at once. For most of us those two precious days just fly by. And come Monday we think what a waste! We know that feeling. And to counter that we bring you some amazing weekend online rummy offers and tournaments such as Satte pe Satta, Saturday Blast, Rummy Cashathon, Sunday Jackpot, Super Sundays and Weekend Bonanza. Pick one or play online rummy all day long to make your weekend rewarding and recharge your batteries in a different way.     

Follow these tips to put your weekend to good use. Don’t just knock off, kick it up! 

Play online rummy 

It’s not just entertaining but rewarding as well. And who doesn’t like earning some extra bucks on a weekend? Play Rummy Cashathon every Saturday at 7 pm and win from Rs 5,000. Excited? We know you are. So what do you need to do to get the ticket to Cashathon tournament? Well, simply make your first deposit if you haven’t already and have a minimum of 25 loyalty points which you can score by playing cash rummy games within a week of first deposit. 

If you haven’t had your fill and want more then fret not as we have an equally amazing tournament lined up just for you the very next day. Now, your Sunday can be a fun day with our Satte pe Satta tournament which you can play at 7 pm. For this you need to make your first deposit and win a minimum of 7 cash games within a week of making your first deposit. If you do that you can get a ticket to the tournament and win from a prize pool of Rs 7,000. It’s fun galore, indeed. 

Stick to a plan but be flexible 

It’s all about striking a balance between execution of plans and relaxation. Planning what to do over the weekend is important but don’t forget to take breaks in between. Remember, weekend is about break from work. It’s time to relax. Most of us are worried about not wasting our weekends and turn our weekly offs to a task pushing ourselves to squeeze in those extra ‘things to do’ even when we are exhausted. Vacations are not a task management tool. The key is to pick activities that let you learn, explore, socialise and are relaxing.  

Weekends are not a licence to live 

Vacations are not meant to fulfill life’s each and every goal. Life should not be planned to happen on your off days only. Most people tend to dump everything they want to indulge in on days they are not working which just makes the very concept of an off a milestone around neck. Give some slack to your weekends. Don’t burden your weekends to make you happy. Don’t equate vacations to happiness or expect your weekend to make you happy. 

Allot a fixed time for breaks 

If you want spare time in between your activities then set the number of hours for that. Don’t give in to the urge to fiddle around else you’ll squander much of the day and subsequently both the days. Most of us turn a little sluggish by Friday evening and that inertia stretches till the entire weekend. Commitment is a big step you need in order to make your weekend fruitful. And juggling your time well by incorporating a mix of productive and leisure activities is the way to go.  

Now you know what to look forward to every Friday evening. A few changes can make for an excellent weekend and you can do what you love the most. Own your weekend and hit Monday morning with a renewed fervor and that enviable glee.

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