Do you know what makes online rummy so popular?

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Do you know what makes online rummy so popular?

It’s no wonder that more and more people are playing online rummy. If you are one of them  then you might know why online rummy became so popular in India. Even the ones who don’t play are aware of the craze around mobile rummy. Anything that makes its debut on the internet spreads like wild fire which is the case with online version of rummy as well. The brands offering the card game online tapped into this very popularity of rummy and the cultural relevance it shares across India. The digitization of rummy was a significant move in the Indian rummy arena and the gaming industry in equal parts. Not just casual players, other stakeholders like gaming professionals, app developers, investors, technology providers, payment gateways, and more have benefited a great deal out of it. And with the growing number of players, the road ahead only seems brighter.  

So, what is it that hits the spot for players and gets them playing for hours? What’s so fascinating about a game of rummy online that keeps people glued and keeps them coming for more? Here we list out the top reasons that make online rummy so popular among players.

New to Online Rummy? Not a problem

Even if you are just a novice but are curious about how to play and earn through rummy then there are multiple video tutorials to help you start off. Playing rummy online is no different than playing it with a deck of cards but certainly requires deft movements, mental agility and hand-eye coordination. And even if you are new to the space, you can develop these skills in no time by playing practice games and then venturing into cash games. And you’ll be surprised as to how you segued smoothly into high rolling tournaments from playing with practice chips.

Round-the-clock availability

The convenience of it does it for players! Simple. With online rummy you don’t even have to think twice about who to play with, or where did you last keep your cards. Just take out your mobile whenever the mood strikes. With over a thousand players across the states, there are high chances for you to pick up new skills and strategies. And you can play at any hour of the day, or get assistance from 24×7 customer support who’re there to help you with any query of yours. Play at home, work, when stressed, bored, or simply to make your daily commute enjoyable. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to roll.

Cash, rewards and bonuses

This is the most attractive feature of online rummy. Many of us want to earn money by playing online games and what better than rummy? With crazy welcome bonus, new joiners are to an awesome start already. With instant sign up bonus, cashbacks, exciting daily tournaments, loyalty points to rewards it’s only natural for players to get hooked on the game. Online rummy game portals offer games with low, mid and high range. So whatever your pocket, you can play and win big. The buy-in could range from 10 to 3,000. Besides there are freeroll tourneys where players can enter for free.

Anonymity and privacy

There are players who boast about the moolah they make by playing online games and then there are some who like to keep things under wraps. Not all players are alike, some might be pretty adroit at playing but might lack in social skills. And such players have online rummy to their rescue. The digital space gives them the anonymity they seek while not compromising on their passion for playing. Besides, there is no way for others to know who’s playing which is an advantage only the online setup provides.

Design and aesthetics

Ever wondered why one prefers a certain site over others? Well, the visual appeal is everything. Some online rummy sites are able to lure users and maintain a longer user activity simply because their interface is easy on the eyes, the graphics are soothing yet attractive and  in-app transitions are easy to navigate. The user experience is what makes or breaks a brand. And in an online setup, an interface does all the talking. The strong yet uncomplicated, subtle yet engrossing, appealing yet easy on the eyes graphics and design template is what these portals aim for a longer user engagement.

Safe and secure cash transfer

The best rummy sites doing the rounds are RNG certified and 100% safe and secure. Your winnings remain safe in wallets and withdrawals are hassle-free with transfers through secured payment gateways. Moreover, there are multiple payment options to choose from making it a cinch for players to deposit or withdraw as they like. Games are monitored ensuring a fair game play unlike offline rummy where players love to bluff.

Edgy, quick and entertaining

Unlike offline rummy the online counterpart takes less time with games getting over quickly prompting players to get ready for the next game and play more. Whether you’re playing mobile rummy or desktop, the lowest loading time, fast page speed, are factors that also contribute in the swiftness of online rummy. With amusing avatars to pick from, players also get a chance to indulge in personalisation with a sense of identity.

Now when you know the reasons, when are you switching to online rummy?

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