Meet Rekha with her Inspiring Journey at Adda52Rummy

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Meet Rekha with her Inspiring journey at Adda52 Rummy

In today’s fast-paced life, every individual is striving hard to achieve their goals. “Never give up on what you really want to achieve. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts,” rightly quoted by Albert Einstein. There are certain circumstances one faces wherein one has to choose between their dreams and priorities. Especially being a woman there are many instances when you have to compromise on your own dreams and desires or keep them aside for there are other things to take care of at home. And these compromises keep haunting us throughout our lifetime. But, what if we don’t have to compromise on our dreams anymore? What if we can continue to perform our duties with conviction and reap the rewards as well? What if there are ways through which we can turn our dreams into reality and say no to compromises.

A homemaker to successful online rummy player

Yes, you read that right! We will illustrate the following journey of our Adda52Rummy user who is an inspiration for all the homemakers who wish to do something more than just taking care of all household chores and family members. Those who wish to chase their dreams by learning some skills and give their contribution to earnings as well. Those who are questioning their own worth as they conduct their duties selflessly. If you have hopes and desires of your own which seem to have diminished from your life, you need to fulfill them. Read this amazing life-changing story of Rekha who embraced empowerment with zeal and determination:

The journey of Rekha, winner of the 1st Runner Up of ‘Player of the year 2017’ is an inspiration for all the homemakers who may not be appreciated enough for their efforts as they are often overlooked and disregarded. It is a desire of every housewife to earn recognition but not at the cost of compromising her duties and responsibilities towards her family. As we interview Rekha, she talks about how she started playing rummy online just for the sake of entertainment in her free time. Being an avid card gamer she played rummy for 5 years internalising all the nuances of the game. Her journey has been challenging as she took time to understand the various website functions but her love for the game helped her overcome every single challenge.

Meet Rekha with her Inspiring journey at Adda52 RummyWhen asked how she would use the money, she gave a statement which every housewife would perhaps give,” I will use this money for sponsoring my children’s education and to help my husband with the taxes. My husband works in a bank, but in spite of that ever-increasing daily needs cannot be ignored. I’m glad to be able to contribute this way to give my children a better future! With these winnings, I have moved on from being just a random homemaker to a financially contributing member of the family and that makes me feel empowered!!” 

Well, that’s a great inspiration for all the housewives striving hard to empower themselves and get recognition.

Her devotion towards the site empowered her to achieve success as she adds,” Adda52Rummy is the best site for online card games! I am a homemaker but am earning money online thanks to the site, the timely payment, plans, customer service, and awesome response. In fact, I participate in all the tournaments as I don’t want to pass up any opportunity to win. I even encourage family and friends to try the opportunities at the site.”

Hence, we can take it from Rekha that we all have a winning streak in us but sometimes our responsibilities make us forget about our capabilities and our worth. We hope the above inspiring journey of Rekha at Adda52 Rummy has ticked the go-getter in you. It is a true success story for us if we can ignite the spark in you to chase your dreams. As it is rightly quoted,” A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Therefore it is time for you to listen to your heart just like Rekha did as she took out time for herself and discovered her true calling. Rekha is a living example for every homemaker to prioritize her happiness along with sharing the happiness of others. Realize your worth and reward yourself as you deserve all of it.

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