Meet rmsonkamble, Winner of 2.5 Lacs Rummy Tournament

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Meet rmsonkamble, Winner of 2.5 Lacs Rummy Tournament

Adda52 rummy organised 2.5 Lakhs tournament on Feb 1st with entry criteria of just one loyalty point. We have got a short interaction with the winner Rahul Sonkamble for card game lovers

Congratulations on being the winner! Can you introduce yourself !

Thank you. My name is Rahul sonkamble and i  work as contract karmachari

With 1 loyalty point, you have bagged the top winner position. How is the feeling?

Really good feeling

How many loyalty points you had?

I had around 10000

Rahul Sonkamble, Winner of 2.5 Lacs Rummy tournament

Meet rmsonkamble, Winner of 2.5 Lacs Rummy Tournament

How is the feeling of being a winner with small investment?

It’s really good. Very innovative as i had not seen other rummy online sites offering entry criteria of one LP.

You user name sounds different. What’s the secret behind that

Its my full name i kept like that

What’s your profession and hobbies?

In my free time i play ludo and rummy games at adda52

From how long are you associated with Adda?

I am playing from 9 months in this website

How did you land on Adda52 Rummy? Any friend referred or you saw an ad anywhere or you randomly landed?

My friend referred me here and i am very happy he did so.. I am delighted to be playing here

Were you fond of playing online card games?

No, but after i started playing in adda52 rummy i did not feel to play at any other website

Did you ever think that Adda52 would organize a tourney with entry criteria of just 1 LP.

I never expected such entry criteria and did not expect me to be the winner. It’s a surprise for me

Have you participated in other tournaments hosted by Adda52 Rummy or in any other online websites?

No I had not participated, From now onwards i will play.

If yes, Have you won in any of them?

No, This is my first big win.

How are you using your prize money?

It’s like my salary is 8K as i am an contract karmachari as i won this tournaments i had got my 4 to 5 months salary at one go.

Have you enrolled for Valentine’s tournament which is held on Feb 14th

Yes and i will be playing that.

Do you suggest your family and folks to play at Adda52Rummy?

Yes definitely

What more do you expect from Adda52 Rummy for card game lovers?

I am expecting me to win all tournaments organised at this website:-)

Well, there are showering tournaments and cash games at Adda52 Rummy. What other games or tournaments do you want us to organize?

Everything is good and tournaments should be in holidays as its tuff to take time during weekdays in job schedule

What excites you at Adda52 Rummy. Do you follow their tournaments and winners personally?

Tournaments excites me. And i follow winner interviews and posts. It motivates players

What do you wanna say about Adda52 Rummy?

It is one of good site and i can’t say anything wrong as its the best one.

We are proud of your achievement Rahul. May you win more.

So this was interaction with Rahul. We are happy to get our players and their victory in front of you. Stay tuned with us for more such rummy tournaments, winners and exciting prizes they won

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