Meet Shaikh, winner of Diwali Cash Bomb @Adda52 Rummy

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Meet Shaikh, winner of Diwali Cash Bomb @Adda52 Rummy

Adda52 Rummy is glad to announce SM Shaikh as the winner of Diwali Cash Bomb tournament which was held on 27th Oct 2019. Surprise is that Shaikh was winner of Diwali Dangal, the tournament organised at Adda52 Rummy for Diwali in 2018

Congratulations Mr. Shainaz Mushthaque Shaikh for winning the Diwali tournament for second time at Adda52 Rummy.

Shainaz Mushthaque Shaikh has been associated with Adda52 Rummy from past 4 years. Suuggestion by his friends made him land on this portal. SM Shaikh has participated in many tournaments, but this is his second victory, first was 2018’s Diwali Dangal and second is Diwali Cash Bomb in 2019.

With multi entry criteria like Qualifiers, Satellites, Refer and Earn, Daily Leaderboard, Weekly Leaderboard, and Direct Entry for Finale, Shaikh had a long run towards success.

In his previous victory he used his prize money for his baby’s treatment. We are glad our platform is making positive difference in one’s life and the prize money is being used for a good and noble cause.

This is our second interview with the winner SM Shaikh. Let us know his feelings on this achievement

Mr Shaikh how has it been playing at adda52 rummy from past 4 years

It is an awesome journey at adda52 rummy. If you are a skilled player, then earning money is easy like me and other winners

How is the feeling of being winner of Diwali tournament for second time at Adda52 Rummy?

Surprised! very happy and confident with the second time winning

This time we had a multi entry criteria to win the ticket to finale. Which entries did you opt, and which entry made you win the ticket to finale?

The multiple entry criteria provided for this time was exciting. But unfortunately, i had to opt direct finale ticket with the buyin amount of Rs 5000/-

Which all tournaments did you participate this year, did you win any other tourney other than Diwali?

I participated in few tourneys, but I won only Diwali Cash Bomb this yearMeet Shaikh, winner of Diwali Cash Bomb @Adda52 Rummy

How are you using the prize money?

Not yet decided. I’m still enjoying the feeling of victory

In the last interview you said that you follow articles on Adda52 Rummy winners. Did you ever think you will be giving interview again and again at this portal?

 Not at all. But i am extremely happy to share my experiences again with your team

Your double victory at Adda52 Rummy will surely mesmerize online players and motivate them to play more. Can you give a few tips for those users?

I feel luck and skills both go hand in hand to win a rummy game

Are you aware of the ISL2019 offer where you can win free tickets to watch ISL 2019 Live in Goa? Did you participate in this offer?

Yes, I am aware of the current promotions of adda52 rummy as i am updated with all the offers notified by the portal

Last time you said you are happy with current offers. Is it same till now or do you desire for some other offers. If yes, what are they

I AM VERY MUCH HAPPY with the present offers.

Your words about Adda52 Rummy. What’s that extra flavor of gaming which users enjoy in this portal and not at competitor portal?

It is an awesome product with utmost ease of use and reliable offers which keep users hooked to it

Thank you for your association with Adda52 Rummy. Every user is valuable for us. A journey like yours motivates our team to get more useful offers and keep users happy.

We are very happy that you have won Diwali Cash Bomb for the second time. Your victory is an inspiration for all those online rummy lovers. 2018 and 2019 Diwali must have been very lucky for you. Hoping for a hattrick in next Diwali 2020. Wishing you good luck

So, this is SM Shaikh’s journey as an online rummy player at adda52 rummy. You can also create a remarkable journey by playing rummy online. What are you waiting for? Just visit adda52 rummy and start playing. Don’t miss to check out our amazing offers

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