Meet Tejeshwar, Grand Winner of OnePlus7 Pro at Adda52 Rummy

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We are back again with another winner of OnePlus7 Pro tournament which was launched in June by Adda52 Rummy, India’s fastest growing online rummy portal. We are in conversation with winner of August month, Tejeshwar Reddy.  

Tejeshwar Reddy has shared his experience for our readers about his victory and journey so far in Adda52 Rummy

How is it feeling to win OnePlus7 Pro Tournament?

I felt so happy after winning the tournament by competing with so many people. Last game was a nail biting game and happy that I won it.

Introduce yourself ! What’s your profession?

Well, my name is Tejeshwar Reddy, I own a business in Andhra Pradesh.

What are your hobbies?

Playing cricket and watching movies.!!Meet Tejeshwar, Grand Winner of OnePlus7 Pro at Adda52 Rummy

From how long are you playing at Adda52 Rummy?

I started playing on adda52 rummy from 2017, it’s been 2 years 

How did you land on Adda52 Rummy?

I used to play online rummy on other sites then I have checked in Google to find some new rummy sites. Then i found Adda52 rummy, I love playing here because of its user interface and tournament structure.

Were you fond of playing online Rummy?

I love to play online rummy. Lot of people feel that rummy is an addiction but I feel it as a skill to improve your logical thinking.

How was the journey of playing at Adda52 Rummy?

After playing on adda52 rummy really i don’t want to play on any other websites, because of the crisp and clear user interface and the other thing I love is the way players are qualified for each level (threshold type) which no other website has, with high prize pool and low entry fee into the tournament.

Have you participated in other rummy tournaments hosted by Adda52 Rummy? 

I played all the tournaments conducted by Adda52 rummy and definitely I will play even in the future.

How are you using your loyalty points?

I am just earning the LP as off now, but I have not used them. Definitely i want to use them to play free tournaments. Meet Tejeshwar, Grand Winner of OnePlus7 Pro at Adda52 Rummy

Do you insist your friends and family to play at Adda52 Rummy?

Yeah of course I will, because even my Friends & family will have a chance to win cash and other exciting prizes.

What are you looking forward at Adda52 Rummy regarding tournaments and features?

Big cash tourneys, Good promotions, Diwali tourneys with great game venture.

Do you know about the enhancements in Refer and Earn offer? Your views about it

Yeah i am aware of it and I have referred my friends as well but they will start playing soon.. 

Share your views about Adda52 Rummy. What makes you hooked to rummy gaming at adda?

Tournament structure is the main point and less number of players with less competition as well and I really like this..

Your words for budding rummy online gamer?

Keep playing and earn lots of cash with exciting offers I always prefer adda52 rummy because friendly customer service and quick resolution of any issues with first call resolutions, and tourney structure which is offered here is I believe no one has in the entire other rummy game Arena 

Once again thanks to adda52rummy for providing us such a wonderful platform for online rummy lovers with a unique tournament structure and big prize pool with very low entry fee and other exciting prizes. I am really very happy to win OnePlus 7 Pro, looking forward to more exciting tournaments for rummy lovers like me- Tejeshwar Reddy

So, rummy lovers, are you excited with Tejeshwar’s experience and journey of being an online gamer who earns much income too through online gaming

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