Myths about Rummy Online, we spill beans on facts

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Myths about Rummy Online, we spill beans on facts

Among many myths like which came first, the chicken or the egg? where does a circle begin? There are many myths about rummy online as follows

  • Rummy online is illegal
  • Games involving money are gambling
  • Luck makes you win
  • Rummy online leads to loss of money
  • Online portals are fraud
  • Online portals cheat customers offering attractive cash prize

Well these are not true. Let us spill beans on facts about rummy online

The doubts about Rummy that it is a game of luck and illegal are more or less settled with Supreme Court’s rulings. It is cocksure that Online Rummy is legal in India, barring three states of Telangana, Odisha and Assam. The Supreme Court has held that Rummy is a game of skill and not a chance as it involved memorization of sequence of cards.

Observations by courts and actions of a large number of state governments in India clearly indicate that they do not treat online Rummy illegal.

Reliable and secure website like adda52 rummy is of the opinion that the games offered by it are legal and players are competing in a legal manner.

There are many more myths about Online Rummy. Society is steeped in stories of epic like Mahabharata and the most talked about the game of dices that leads to exile of Pandavas. People jump to conclusion that games involving money are gambling.

Shalini, though well-qualified teacher in a reputed school in a metro, was no different. Shalini is married to Tejas, working in a reputable firm, for over two years. Shalini was very keen that they buy a house before having a child. She thought it would be a daydream but still told her wish to Tejas. When he agreed to her idea, Shalini thought her husband was kidding because she thought that they did not have sufficient cash to buy a flat immediately.

What Tejas told Shalini baffled her even more. Tejas was forthright and said he has earned good money in Online Rummy with small buy-ins and saved over the years for them to think of buying a flat. She had noticed that he would spend a couple of hours before a computer at home on returning from office. He was utilizing that time to earn money as he was good in playing the 13-card game.

Like most people, Shalini argued that what he was doing illegal. Tejas was keen on settling the matter and did not want doubts to linger on in his wife’s mind. He first told her about the Supreme Court ruling. She was smart but still found it difficult to trust her husband.

Tejas was a master in communicating ideas effectively. He gave an overview of how Online Rummy site, adda52rummy, operates. He said the payments are online and everything is accounted for. There is no hanky-panky, he said. Shalini had a stunned look on her face when Tejas disclosed that he pays TDS (tax deduction at source) while withdrawing money.

Suddenly, Shalini became wise, though half-convinced about what her husband told her. She wanted Tejas to save on TDS. Tejas said he has been religiously doing it by rarely converting from VIP to real chips. He converts only when his winnings are less than Rs 10,000 to avoid TDS. 

She was convinced that it was legal as her husband was making and receiving payments only through established and recognized gateways and every pie was accounted for.
Hesitatingly, Shalini asked her husband whether he was spending a lot of money on buy-ins to play in tournaments. Tejas smiled and his expression and reply left Shalini awe-struck. He said that minimum deposit is just Rs 100 and maximum for a new user is Rs 2,000. The deposit amount automatically goes up to Rs 50,000 depending on the history, loyalty points and playing pattern.

She proved that she was a good teacher as she had doubts about the security and cheating by some websites. She had read about claims and allegations that even electronic voting machines (EVMs), which are in control of an autonomous constitutional body, are hacked. Also, as a movie buff, she was aware that some games are rigged. Tejas allayed her fears saying that adda52 rummy is very safe and there are no manual interventions and software is not doctored to benefit the company. Only people with quick thinking and fast fingers can win. Experience will only just help.

Companies operate on a registered subscription-based model and generally charge fixed user fee for different time packages.

Shalini had a broad smile on her face as her owning a house would no more be a daydream and her husband will make it a reality.

Log on to adda52rummy and convert your dreams into reality.

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