Online Rummy Versus Physical Rummy – Is It Different?

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Online Rummy Versus Physical Rummy

It has become a past now when we used to wait for some of our friend or relative to join us in playing rummy. But now the time and trends have changed, and so is the game of rummy. With the advancement of technology, things have slowly and gradually moved from traditional to online. With such a change each and everything (including the game of rummy) is just a mouse click away.

Let us now cut the story short, and stick to Rummy which is the point of discussion here.  There are two versions of Rummy now – Online and traditional or what you can call it physical version.

Again a few questions that could hit your mind are which version is better? Is online and physical rummy different in any way? If it is about online rummy vs physical rummy, which one would be better?  Are there any specific tricks or tips to win in online rummy, or even its offline version?

Undoubtedly, both online rummy and physical rummy are quite fun to play. It entirely depends on your choice which one to opt for, as both the versions of it are challenging and entertaining in their own special way.

If we do a little comparison between the two, online rummy has many similarities with its physical version. To make things easier for you to understand, let us find the answers to your questions point by point.

Dude! It is Legal now!!

Yes, we are referring to the online version of Rummy at this point in time. Playing rummy is legal in India now. That is the reason there are many rummy sites in India that are successfully running their businesses.  These web sites make sure that the most principled and protected procedures are followed. However in the offline or physical version of the game, there still exist many chances of arguments regarding the proper shuffling of cards and blah blah blah. So in a way, if you do not like being a part of such an unnecessary and unwelcomed argument, the online version is meant for the likes of you.

Whom are you playing with

Another major thing which makes a big difference in offline and online versions of Rummy is the number and type of players. In online format you have a chance to play with both amateur and professional player at once. However, in the physical version, the chances are that you know the level of a player and how good he can play. This difference makes offline rummy more predictable than its online version.

If you love variations

See, when you play the online version of rummy, you get into the exciting world of different types of rummy that you can play. Gin Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Multi Table Tourneys and Private Tables are just a few to name here. Variety and the variants in Rummy that you can find online are much more than that of physical rummy. This makes the game more entertaining and a player will also get a chance to learn and enjoy different genres of Indian and International rummy.

The Mind boggling Matter of Money

At the end of the day, what matters the most is Money. That’s right, the rewards and recognitions you get in the online version of rummy are much more than that of its physical version. The Online rummy websites offers its players many special tournaments on a daily & weekly basis giving them an opportunity to play & win lots of prizes and rewards.  However, in rummy’s physical format, you could only get a chance to win only that cash which is there on the table.

Before we conclude, we would only like to say that in general, both online rummy and physical rummy has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, play the one you like and enjoy more, as both formats will give you entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment.  Cheers!!

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