Play Legends of Rummy Leaderboard and Win Rs 4 Lakhs

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Play Legends of Rummy Leaderboard and Win Rs 4 Lakhs

The online gaming world is getting more competitive day by day. Online Games offer thrill, excitement when you win and other benefits. Online rummy is one among the top online games which users are hooked due to fun and benefits like earning money online just using their smartphones or laptops for some time. Winning real cash in online rummy is not that tough if you are a skilled player. You should use your brain to know where to drop or continue the game by making valid sequences of cards

With many online gaming websites and apps emerging around us, Adda52 Rummy is one such portal with massive users playing variety of rummy card game and decoding factors of fun plus winning real cash in a easy way. Offers and tournaments offered at adda52 rummy are very popular and useful for the players. Getting maximum availability of variety in rummy game formats, improving player skills and cash prizes to users is the motive behind every offer they provide for their players.

Recently Adda52 Rummy has launched a new promotion called Legends of Rummy Leaderboard worth more than Rs 4 Lakhs

Legends of Rummy Leaderboard can be played in two ways i.e., Daily and Weekly so that users can play this tournament and win prizes daily and weekly

Play Legends of Rummy Leaderboard and Eye to Win Huge

Well winning daily and weekly leaderboard might seem to be very easy, but you should prep up your skills to exactly win this in real. Get ready to top the leaderboard chart and win prize daily or weekly

Let us have a look at the terms to win Daily Leaderboard

  1. Any user will be eligible to participate in daily leaderboard with a prescribed deposit
  2. Every week will have a different deposit criteria for this promotion
  3. Here the loyalty points play a crucial role. Maximum loyalty points generated in a certain amount of time, increases the player ranking as well in the leaderboard
  4. The daily leaderboard can be played in between 12.00 AM to next day 11.59 PM
  5. The prize money will be mentioned in the table on the website promotion page
  6. The ranking of players is purely based on deposit criteria fulfilled and the loyalty points generated in specified durationPlay Legends of Rummy Leaderboard and Win Rs 4 Lakhs

Weekly leaderboard is same as daily leaderboard with following terms

  1. Player can participate in Weekly Leaderboard by fulfilling prescribed deposit criteria and by generating maximum loyalty points in specified duration.
  2. The deposit criteria varies in every day of the week.
  3. The winners will be announced every week unlike daily as in Daily leaderboard.

In both daily and weekly leaderboard, prize money will be credited to winners from 72 hrs of announcement of winners. The usual terms and conditions of adda52 rummy are also applicable to entire promotion. So do have a look at the Legends of rummy leaderboard terms and conditions..

Rummy is all about using your skills in making right moves. So get ready to play the daily & weekly leaderboard by fulfilling the deposit criteria and generate maximum loyalty points. Hurry up as the competition is more.

The other benefits of playing Legends of Rummy leaderboard is that you can get tickets to few tournaments too. If you are lucky enough, the winner of daily or weekly leaderboard gets a ticket to participate in real cash game tourneys. You never know what more benefits can arise by winning the Legends of rummy Leaderboard.

Are you charged up to be a rummy legend? Then get the adrenaline rush by playing Leaderboard at Adda52 Rummy and win prize daily or weekly

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