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Is Rummy gambling or game of skill, know the facts

Adda52 rummy is a veritable treasure trove for all online rummy fans and that’s not an exaggeration! In fact the sites popularity has inspired many to explore the question ‘how to play rummy’?

Since inception, the site has been on an ascent from one success to another. Each tournament (be it 13 cards rummy or 21 cards rummy or other), has proven to be a milestone in the market with customer centricity, well thought and challenging tournaments, games strategically aligned to players needs drawing customers by the numbers.

With exciting variants of rummy online from points, pool, 13 card rummy, 21 card rummy to marriage rummy which the site pioneered, adda52 rummy remains markedly different from other online rummy sites. All the more reason why one would want to know how to play rummy here!

Aside of offering exciting, never before in the market variants, the site is also ahead of others in innovation. How to play rummy at adda52 rummy is a question which may lead a player either to the site or to a luxury cruise on Goan waters! That’s how intense the site’s focus is on satisfying customers with innovation!

If the intro has sparked off Interest in the site, then you must read on to know more on playing rummy here.

Adda52 Rummy Features

So you know how to play rummy at adda52 Rummy, but do you know the useful rummy features?

Before you start off even on a practice table, it’s a good idea to explore these features of online rummy. These handy pointers will get you through the game easily and may even help you win!

Dealing a Card, sorting cards, pick and drop, discarding a card, usage of joker, declaring, melding are all common to many rummy games. There may be slight variations in detail. But these are important to know when you learn how to play rummy at adda52 Rummy or any other site. But at Adda52 rummy, you can play the rummy game at different cash levels.

Just Register, sign in and start playing your favorite rummy on adda52 rummy…

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