Play Rummy Online to Usher in New Year with bang

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Play Rummy online to Usher in New Year with bang

It is time for New Year resolutions. Techie Smitha told her colleague Jyothi that her 2019 resolution is to become richer in the coming year. She cited famous quote of BBC Radio Presenter Paul Lewis: “There are two ways to be richer. Increase your income or cut your expenses. I want to get richer but do not want to cut down on my spending. My salary will not allow me to get richer. I will earn more money and that too legally. I will welcome 2019 by competing in the New Year Tournament at Adda52 Rummy.

Jyothi was baffled with her statement as she thought online card games are illegal in India. Smitha was not surprised with Jyothi’s initial reaction. She clarified to her friend that the Supreme Court has declared Rummy is a game of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized and the building sequences in Rummy, requires strategy and skill in holding and discarding cards.

Usher 2019 with victory at Rummy New Year TournamentPlay Rummy Online to Usher in New Year with bang

You can usher in 2019 and win handsome money by playing New Year Rummy Tournament.

Yes, you read it right. Adda52 Rummy always offers unique and attractive prize pool on its most reliable and trusted website. This time around, it has on offer a fantastic Rs 1,00,000 prize pool for a buyin of just Rs 500. This enhances your chances of winning though you may have bad start.

Click here to know how to play rummy if you are a beginner.

The tournament will start at 12 noon on Jan 1st. Why delay. Plan and join the race and walk away with handsome amount on the first day of the New Year. You can welcome Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and the entire year can prove lucky.

Adda52 Rummy has rolled out many tournaments and has kept card game lovers busy. The website will hold many more interesting tournaments and has grand plans to keep you busy throughout 2019.

It will certainly make you have itchy fingers for the next 12 months. The website constantly works to upgrade and test the skills and intelligence of the card gamers. It always provokes the player with attractive pool money. 

Its popularity is on the upswing because of the tournaments being rolled out on the platform. The players have a wide choice of tournaments from daily to weekly to monthly. Most professionals have complimented the offerings on the site and many of them are craving for more.

Timings of the tournaments are also well thought-out to meet the needs of the players.

Online Rummy is also growing leaps and bounds. As the governments and police machinery are acting tough on clubs allowing members to play Rummy, many are switching to online as it is legal and very easy to master the game. With mobile app, it has become all the more simple and can be played from homes and offices.

“I have decided to switch over to online card game version. It is a nuisance when police conduct raids on clubs. Our honour and prestige are at stake. I have downloaded Adda52 Rummy fun app on the Play Store. Now, I am confident of doing well in online Rummy. My new year vow is to play the New Year Tournament on Adda52 Rummy,” youngish looking Rakesh Chand, who was regular at a well-known club in a metro, says.

Loveleen, wife of an industrialist in her late 20s, has also resolved to play card game from the New Year. “I was apprehensive about the security on the site. I was reluctant to play Rummy online. Now, it is a hassle to play in clubs. Many have stopped because of police raids. I love card games and it keeps me busy. It is a stress-buster for me. After mid-night partying, I will join the New Year Tournament. Hope, it will turn out to be lucky,” she adds with a smile on her face.

Well, you can also join Smitha, Rakesh Chand, Loveleen and lakhs of others. Login on Adda52 Rummy at 12:00 noon and get richer on New Year Day.

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